September Journaling Challenge

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    Apr 27, 2013
    Interesting Challenge!...Last Day To Get This One Done!!!...Stumped! For This One Until Something Happened...Now I Know Going To Pick Up Coffee At Your Favorite Place Isn't Funny In Itself!...But Not Checking The Lid Before You Start Walking Away...& Try To Take A Sip!!!...A Weird Noise!...OMG!...The Lid Wasn't On Correctly!...Ray Dropped The Coffee Cup & Dodged Left!...The Coffee Went Flying Everywhere!!!...I Don't Know How None Got On Him!...A Miracle Of Sorts!!!!...LOL!...And Even Stranger...We Went To Pick Up The Coffee Cup To Put It In The Garbage!...WE Just Stared At The Cup & The Lid!...The Cup & The Lid Neither Were Damaged!..Stained!...Torn! Or Ripped!...It Was Weird! We Thought!...I Mean With All That Coffee! Flying In The Air!...How Did None Hit The Cup Or The Lid!....Or RAY???...All The Coffee Made A Break! & Missed the Cup!!!...

    FYI : I Don't Think I Have Used This Many Diverse Things To Create A Layout In A Long Time!!!

    For My Got Tim's Layout-I Used :

    *Mixed Media Monthly-June 2017-Add-On-Little Butterfly Wings
    *Charmed-Gina Miller
    *Little Monsters & Happy Haunting-Allison Pennington
    *Cliff Notes(Words To Your Mother) Edition-Allison Pennington
    *Mixed Media Monthly-March 2021-Some Call Me Lucky-Add-On-Little Butterfly Wings
    *This Day Is Mine-Mixed Media Collection-Rachel Jefferies
    *Lazy Day-Pink Reptile Designs
    *Stylin' 317-Very Jelly-Mommyish
    *Imagine-PT-Styles-Color Overlay-NBK Design
    *Color Burst Styles-Glitters-Carin Grobe Designs

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