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  1. Pallavi01

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    Nov 6, 2012
    We all have our favorite keyboard shortcuts that make it quicker for us to scrap our pages.

    I, for one, am totally a keyboard shortcut gal! If I could...I would have a keyboard shortcut for everything on Photoshop!! lol :)

    With this post, I am trying to create a ready resource .... of most of our over-used photoshop shortcut keys.

    Please reply to this if I have left out any glaring ones - I will update this post with those additions :)

    The ones I use most often are -
    Ctrl Z - HAS to be the first one! lol :)
    Ctrl G - clips layer to the one below
    Ctrl J - Copies Layer
    Ctrl 0 - Fit image to screen
    Ctrl 1 - View at 100%
    Ctrl + - Zooms in
    Ctrl - - Zooms out
    Ctrl T - Transform ( this one should have been at the top!! :))
    Alt + Drag - makes copy of the selected layer
    Ctrl E - Merges Layer to the one below the selected layer
    Ctrl + Click - Selects the layer of the item you clicked
    Ctrl D - Deselects
    Ctrl K - Bucket Fill
    Ctrl U - Hue Saturation Editing
    Ctrl F - Repeat the filter you used previously (God send while tweaking shadows across multiple layers! )
    Ctrl ] - Increase brush size
    Ctrl [ - Decrease Brush size
    Shift ] - Add softer edge to brush
    Shift [ - Decrease softness from egde of the brush
    Ctrl+Shift+J - Justify Text
    Ctrl + N - New document
    Ctrl + S - Save!!! (Which I forget so many times and suffer!! :))

    OK - thats for starters! :) Now the importance of letters and numbers :)

    To select each tool in photoshop - you have a corresponding letter that selects it. Easily explained through this pic I found on the net -


    Then come the numbers. Each number on the keyboard coordinates with the layer opacity. If you want 10% opcaity , press 1. if you want 20%, press on and so forth.

    Then come the function buttons. I like my Ctrl buttons so don't end up using these often.

    F1 - Help or Undo ( You can understand why I prefer my Ctrl Z)
    F2 - Cut
    F3 - Copy
    F4 - Paste
    F5 - Brush Panel
    F6 - Colour Panel
    F7 - Layer Panel
    F8 - Info Panel
    F9 - Actions Panel
    F12 - Revert to saved copy

    Leaving you with this image which captures everything above n more! :)

    I am sure this is just scratching the surface but at least it will get us started! Do add your loved keyboard shortcuts below! :)

  2. klee73010

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    Apr 25, 2015
    I'm still learning all these in GIMP. I know a few...
  3. scrapsandsass

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    Feb 11, 2011
    Thanks for sharing. I never really think much about shortcuts other than Ctrl J. And I just recently figured out that the Ctrl+ meant I could zoom in to read people's journaling in the gallery. Duh. :giggle
  4. dvhoward

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    Oct 17, 2012
    Wow, Kimberlee! That is a GREAT tip!!!
  5. dvhoward

    dvhoward Don't bother me before 10am!

    Oct 17, 2012
    In PSE, while pressing SPACEBAR you can use the mouse to switch on the grabby hand to move around the document. I often have to use the Ctrl + ] to move an layer up to the top of the layer stack.
  6. Karen

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    Jun 28, 2008
    I LOVE shortcuts. I don't even know where some of the actual commands are in the menus or icons... because I use mostly the one key shortcuts for like move, marquee, brush, etc. :) I also created a couple of actions and reassigned some to the F2, F3, etc keys like when I open my finished full sized .jpg of a page I click F5 and that runs my resize for gallery action in the blink of an eye. :)
  7. jk703

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    Sep 17, 2012

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