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    Please read below before starting your first MOC Challenge! Below are some guidelines to help you navigate MOC and ensure that your pages conform to the event rules, so you can collect your $20 at the end of the event!

    1. Your pages must conform to the guidelines of each challenge in order to qualify as completed. Please read the challenges carefully and make sure your page follows the guidelines of the challenge. We want you to enjoy the process and love your pages, but these are supposed to be challenges that take you outside of your comfort zone. It is important that your page comply with the spirit of the challenge. If you have any questions, post in that thread or message me or the host.
    2. Your pages must contain at least 75% current Lilypad product (currently for sale in the store). Please check the store to make sure your product is still for sale before using it. Since last MOC, Kate Hadfield and Etc. by Danielle have retired their products from the store. But we've added some other wonderful designers' products for you to use!
    3. Your pages must be newly created specifically for MOC. You must have a different page for each challenge; you cannot use the same page for more than one challenge.
    4. Each day, a new challenge will be posted in the MOC 2020 Challenges forum. Challenges will be posted between midnight and 8:30 a.m. eastern time, depending on the location of the host and their real life commitments. Please be patient - the challenges willbe posted daily.
    5. For the journaling challenges - if your page is not in English, we ask that you translate your journaling to English and post the translation in your gallery credits. If your journaling is sensitive and/or personal, please message me or the challenge host directly to discuss.
    6. Journaling challenges are meant for telling stories. Please read the guidelines carefully for word count requirements. All of the journaling challenges will require complete sentences to qualify as complete. Word art will not qualify toward your word count, and you cannot use the same word over and over . Again, if your journaling is sensitive or personal, please message me or your challenge host directly to discuss.
    7. After you complete your first layout, please create a new thread in the MOC 2020 Layouts forum and post your first layout. The title of your thread should be “your username’s layouts” (for example – mrs2a50’s Layouts). Please use your username and not your given name (this helps with tallying at the end).
    8. The first post in your thread should be your first layout. Each additional layout should be a new post in your thread. If you complete all 31 layouts, you should have 31 posts in your thread. Please do NOT create 31 posts ahead of time and edit them as you add the layouts. Post as you finish each new layout. You do not have to post your pages in MOC order; if you do not complete each page on it's day, you can post your pages in whatever order you complete them. If you want to have your layouts in order, you can hold onto your layouts until you're able to post them in order. But PLEASE do not create "placeholder" posts in your thread to fill later.
    9. Please label your page posts with the date and name of the challenge (January 1: Blind Scrap). This will make the tallies at the end of MOC go much smoother and faster!
    10. If we have questions or comments about your page, we will contact you via conversation. Please make sure your notifications have been turned on. Your messaging settings can be found and edited under the General Settings of your User CP. Our messages are not meant to offend or upset anyone; we simply want to make sure that everyone is following the rules of the event.
    11. You will have until 11:59 pm eastern time, Sunday, February 2, to complete all your layouts. Everyone who completes all 31 layouts will be entered in a drawing for a full-time Pollywog spot on the Lilypad CT.
    12. Additional prizes: Everyone who completes all 31 challenges will receive a $20 gift certificate to the TLP store. In addition, each challenge host will choose one “favorite” page from their daily challenge to receive a $3 gift certificate to the store.
    13. If you have any questions you can post them in the Q&A thread HERE, or in the individual challenge thread, or you can message me or the challenge host. You can also check the MOC How Do I? thread for some common questions we've had in the past
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    Thanks for the clarity.

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