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Discussion in 'Chatty Pad' started by Angie4b1g, Mar 31, 2014.

  1. Angie4b1g

    Angie4b1g A hundred jobs but Bob Villa ain't one

    Feb 25, 2011
    do you stay on top of it or are you always buried under a mountain?

    Do you put it away or do you live out of baskets?

    Do you fold it right away or does it live in the dryer forever?

    I'm pretty good at staying on top of it, and I do fold it as soon as it comes out of the dryer so it doesn't wrinkle. Putting it away is another matter.. lol

    And I don't iron, so hubby's shirts have to go to the cleaner. He has a separate pile for those, but every few days one makes it through the laundry, so there's always a pile of clean shirts in the laundry room that no one is going to iron. I hate to take a clean shirt to the cleaners but I also hate to iron. So they just sit there for eternity, or until they get dusty and musty enough that I take them in. :giggle
  2. la

    la A closet sap

    May 8, 2010
    I do about 4 batches of laundry every day so I can stay on top of things. How we have 4 batches a day is beyond me though. But whenever I skip 1 day it turns into a disaster and ugh. I fold, but I make the other people in the house carry and put away the crap.
  3. Peppermint

    Peppermint One Little Bird

    Apr 16, 2008
    I suck at laundry. Back when I used to do it I would try to do a load or two every day, and half the time I'd forget about it and leave it in the washer overnight then have to rewash it again. Then when it was lucky enough to make it to the dryer I'd forget about it again for another day then run the dryer again to get the wrinkles out and I'd stand there and wait so I didn't forget about it again. Once it was in a basket I was pretty good about taking care of it because I hate ironing. But a lot of times that just meant I folded it and left it in the basket.

    Tom started doing all the laundry shortly after he moved in with us years ago. He only had to see my system a couple of times before he figured out how much time (and electricity, and water) I was wasting. He has a weekend system, does it all at once, folds and hangs everything up right away. He has some sort of inner "washer is done" sensor system that I was born without.
  4. mlewis

    mlewis mlewis

    Nov 18, 2009
    Ugh. I hate laundry!

    I try to do it all in one day - Mondays are usually the day of choice (I'm working on it now). I like seeing all the empty baskets and knowing that it's all done. Of course, it only stays that way for a couple of hours. The kids are responsible for hanging up all their own clothes as well as the white load - I get them out of the dryer and lay them out so they don't need to be ironed and when they get home, they take care of them. I do the rest of it, probably 6 loads total.
  5. sushimommy

    sushimommy Could you point me to the helipad?

    Jan 8, 2010

    this. except I'm still the one who does it! there is a mountain waiting on me right now at home, since dd went to a friends for a weekend and apparently took her entire!
  6. rmcabana

    rmcabana Hit me with your best shot

    May 24, 2010
    I hate laundry. I always buy lots of underwear so I don't run out. Most of my clothes seem to pile up - clean or dirty, sometimes I put them away.

    Oh and this just reminded me that I forgot to do my laundry this weekend.
  7. karen perry

    karen perry LOCK THE DOOR!

    Jan 23, 2008
    i keep on top of it but seem to have loads of it grr
  8. jenn mccabe

    jenn mccabe She's OUR sunshine!

    Jan 5, 2013
    i'm awesome at the "loading the washer/dryer part" of doing laundry ... it's always been the putting it away part that i stink at.

    but now that everyone is old enough, each member of the family is responsible for putting their own basket of clean laundry away. i must have set the tone all those years, because we all stink at putting it away. lives out a clean laundry basket most of the time.
  9. RebeccaH

    RebeccaH Life is exciting, yes it is!

    Jul 12, 2009
    do you stay on top of it or are you always buried under a mountain? - i live under it. almost always. and those rare moments when i've come out on top.... they only last for about 45 minutes before the madness begins again

    Do you put it away or do you live out of baskets? - i sort it into baskets based on whose clothes they are, then hang up the shirts and such. each person is responsible for putting away his/her own stuff.

    Do you fold it right away or does it live in the dryer forever? - depends on if i'm home or not

    And I DO NOT IRON.
  10. lauracw

    lauracw Gets a funky high on yellow sun

    May 24, 2012
    We're pretty good about keeping it washed. I rarely have one load of dirty stuff at a time unless we're doing sheets or something. I always get behind on days when I wash diapers, though because they take forever...I'm really looking forward to potty training!!! but while everything is usually clean it's almost never put away. It feels like a waste of time to fold and sort one basket of laundry, so I let it pile up til i have two or three baskets worth...or more, lol! We don't have a lot of dressy clothes or stuff that needs ironing though.
  11. staciahall

    staciahall Quidditch, anyone?

    Oct 29, 2010
    That's one part of the house type thing I can seem to keep up with. There are only two of us here now. I wash three loads of clothes on Saturday and Sunday (sorted) and both sets of sheets. We don't fold anything, everything is hung up (ok, my stuff is hung up... my son's stuff... I try not to look at it hanging on chairs and stuffed into drawers). Towels are whenever the basket is full, rugs are about every weekend or maybe two. Rarely do I make it to the cleaners, try not to buy stuff that needs it.
  12. Dalis

    Dalis Jose Cuervo is NOT a good friend

    May 6, 2011
    Bianca does her own laundry. She divides it by herself, puts it in the washer, moves to dryer, and folds it. I am very proud of her.
  13. 4noisyboys

    4noisyboys Being a Grandma is the best!

    Jul 5, 2009
    Laundry is about the only thing I do well. I stay on top of it, fold it and put it right away. My husband gets home Thursday night, I wash his, fold it and have it ready to be packed up again right away. My boys do all their own, but they have trouble getting the loads moving, so I usually end up helping with that. I can't stand seeing piles. They rarely fold, it sits in baskets...drives me up the wall!
  14. bestcee

    bestcee In love with places I've never been to

    Dec 18, 2013
    I like laundry. I do it all on one day. I wash, dry and fold (although dh will help move it around). I help the little one put his away, but dh is on his own to put it away. I don't put it in laundry baskets, I put it on the bed so he has to put it away before he can go to sleep!
  15. Ellie

    Ellie Little Bunny Cupcake

    Feb 1, 2013
    I wash everyday & hang it on the line. I bring it in when its dry. I usually fold it into who's who's piles on our made bed so I have to put it away before we go to bed. I separate the ironing off and usually have a basket of that to do once a fortnight. But sometime I cant be bothered folding & I totally rebel and wait till its so bad. Like I've done this week lol
  16. lcpereyra

    lcpereyra You won't believe my blue streak!

    May 3, 2013
    laundry is the bane of my existence!
  17. dailydwelling

    dailydwelling Confidently cooking and creating

    Apr 6, 2012
    Laundry is my nemesis!!! As soon as I work hard to get all caught up, I'm drowning in it all over again...ugh! It's a constant battle!
  18. Lynnette

    Lynnette In my life, I've loved them all

    Sep 28, 2011
    Laundry.... that's the only chore I don't mind and I'm good at. I do it on Monday - all of it, which takes all day. I do huge loads, there are usually 5 loads per week for our family of 6 which isn't bad. (This is just clothes though, towels and bedding get washed other times during the week when I get around to it.) I dump it into one huge pile and fold it all at once, usually late Monday night after everyone has gone to bed. I'll put a show on my iPad and watch while I fold. I'm usually too tired to put everything away then, so Tuesday morning it gets where it needs to go. The only part I suck at is ironing... I always seem to have a huge pile that I put off as long as possible.
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  19. scrapsandsass

    scrapsandsass Oh Ricky you're so fine ...

    Feb 11, 2011
    I don't mind laundry either. But I hate when my 25 year old says she's going to do laundry. She leaves it for hours and hours. I would rather do her laundry in with mine than to have her do her own. She totally disrupts everything because I have a total routine that I get into. It is kind of rhythmic in a way.

    The downside to the current laundry room situation makes me a little less-than-happy though. We had to buy a new washer, so DH decided to stack the washer/dryer. That was fine, but the doors open on opposite sides. And the stack faces the counter with only about six inches to spare once the door is open. I have to be a contortionist to get everything out of the washer and into the dryer.

    The only other part I don't like is putting it away. I refuse to put everyone's laundry away. I have it all folded in baskets (by person) and they are supposed to do it themselves. Rarely does that happen, so we have a ton of laundry baskets in order to keep enough free for circulation. It is actually kind of ridiculous. Right now, DH has three different baskets in various spots. And I'm annoyed with everyone because there are four different laundry baskets in the living/dining room area at the moment because everyone is too lazy to take them upstairs. I refuse to enable them. DH takes his work shirts to the dry cleaner because I gave up on ironing. Like Robin, we all have a lot of underwear and socks for times when things back up (and I don't do whites every week), but I am on top of things most of the time. I always do DH's laundry separately because he is a man. Ugh. I don't like man stuff in with the rest of the clothes. Eventually, Kennedy's clothes will be in with his, but right now, I mix it in with mine if it isn't really dirty.
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  20. sm_amber

    sm_amber I learn from the best..

    Oct 11, 2010
    My DH used to be really bad about taking his shoes and socks off in the living room and then not putting them away - he'd wear the shoes the next day, but the socks would stay there forever.. Eventually I picked up all the socks and hid them until he realized he didn't have any clean socks to wear - it drove the point home pretty well.. Maybe you just need to hide their clothes until they come asking.. :giggle

    As for laundry - I hate it.. Ironically, it's my husband who does the majority of it now.. I do dishes, though, so we think it's a fair trade.. When he's working a lot, though, we end up living out of hampers because while I somehow manage to remember to switch loads (most of the time) I absolutely cannot stand putting the darn stuff away. Besides, there are so many other/better things I could be doing with that time - and hey, at least the clothes are clean, right?? ;)
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