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Discussion in 'Chatty Pad' started by bellbird, Apr 16, 2021.

  1. bellbird

    bellbird Pollywog

    Oct 10, 2010
    I only rarely paint my fingernails but my toes are never without nailpolish, i always do them at home (i really don't like the idea of other people touching my feet, weird though it may be); anyway, this week they're kinda chocolate coloured (the colour's called Oreo so sounds chocolatey) and i generally go for dark peach to browny tones in autumn/winter and go pinks and reds in spring and summer but they're always the same colour (like not each toe in a different colour) but DD usually paints her nails all different or in alternating colours (she likes more blues and purples), or she will add polka dots or some little nailart stickers, that's too fussy for me. How about you?
    Nail polish? No Nail polish? Do you have a fave colour or do you change it up frequently or seasonally?
  2. sakura-panda

    sakura-panda Well-Known Member

    May 14, 2013
    I used to love painting my nails, but I don't seem to have the patience to sit and do it anymore. For a while I was having them done, but that started taking too much time too. LOL

    Now I'm not working, and while DH wouldn't complain, I feel like it isn't something I should be spending money on, when I'm home all the time, so I'm back to not having to the patience to do them myself. :D

    I like darker pinks and maybe reds. The ones that are hard to take off. ;)
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  3. QuiltyMom

    QuiltyMom I'll never run out of things to do!

    Feb 3, 2012
    No nail polish anymore. I used to paint them all the time, and I also kept my nails longish. That was until I lost part of the middle finger on my right hand. I haven't painted them since because I don't want to draw any attention to my hand. I didn't even paint them for my wedding!

    I do have one fun (and non-toxic) nail polish from Besame Cosmetics, and the color is Mrs. Banks. It's part of their Mary Poppins collection. It's light enough that I could wear it without feeling too self conscious about it. What I don't miss is the time it took to do my nails. I'd rather be knitting or something! :compcoffee
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  4. HavaDrPepper

    HavaDrPepper Space. The final frontier

    Dec 27, 2015
    I gave up because they chipped within hours no matter how long I let them dry. Even the one time I got a manicure, the paint chipped the next day... even after the prep they did. Now the toenails won't chip but I just can't get the leg up to do the nails these days. The knees just don't bend enough! And, I wear shoes/socks all the time so why waste money getting them done!

    I also have a nail that has a split in it and I cannot grow it out at all because that just makes the split worse. So I now keep all my nails short so that one doesn't stick out. @QuiltyMom my split nail is also the middle finger on my right hand!
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  5. Karen

    Karen Wiggle it, just a little bit!

    Jun 28, 2008
    I don't paint my nail that often, but when I do, I always do them myself. The hardest part is not doing anything to smudge or dent them for HOURS after they are painted. Often I just paint my fingernails with a clear strengthening polish, especially in the winter when my nails tend to split. I usually give my toenails a break in the winter, but spring, summer and fall my toes are almost always painted hot pink. :agree
  6. KimJ

    KimJ Did you check in the refrigerator?

    Nov 28, 2009
    My fingernails are naturally strong and grow quite long. I used to get in trouble with my piano teacher as a kid for not cutting them. :giggle I kept them long and polished almost always from the time I was in middle school up through my mid 20s. I used a wide variety of colors, but always matching. I don't think multi-color was a thing back then, at least not where I lived. I've never had a professional manicure, just always did it myself. I'm sure I did my toenails a few times back then too, but it was never a regular thing for me.

    Now I don't even remember the last time I did my nails. It's probably been at least 20 years. I just ignore them until one breaks or they get too annoyingly long and then I trim them all down again. :P
  7. AJK

    AJK I plead the 5th ...

    Apr 18, 2012
    EVERY time I paint my fingernails. it is followed by studio time, which makes my hands a mess! I have gloves for dyeing, but painting isn't productive with gloves Now I only do them for special occasions. My Mom says I have her father's hands anyway, and she is right- not slender nor very hand model-esque. Not an issue for me ! And I have never nor will I ever done mani-pedi. Just ugh. :faint2The odor, and like Justine, NOBODY touches my feet!! :cornfused
    That said, I did find a new polish that is wonderful! It is EXACTLY as advertised ; dries super fast and hard with amazing shine. Lasted 4 days without chip:
    np.JPG and these are the colors:
    no2.JPG Wally world has them. :):heartlub
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  8. cfile

    cfile My bags are packed for Platform 9 3/4

    Sep 2, 2011
    I have been going for a mani pedi monthly for years (except with the pandemic and then the break from Oct to March this year as I had no nails as they kept breaking)... I always go for a gel shellac manicure so they don't chip and both manicure and pedicure is a french manicure so that even when they grow I don't have to worry about them until the next month as I refuse to go more than once a month :) I cannot do my nails myself as I cannot paint with my left hand, nor are they dry enough when I have to do something.. LOL.. my toenails are very thick and I cannot cut them myself so I enjoy going and having them done once a month.

    @bellbird Justine, I felt the same way re someone touching my feet, but I got over that and have been using the same guy for 11 years now. He even switched shops and I went to the new place. I prefer only the one person :)

    One of these days I will stop the mani pedis but for now it is my thing :)
  9. Cherylndesigns

    Cherylndesigns All glasses should be bigger than 1.5 oz

    Dec 15, 2017
    I had acrylics then gel on my fingernails for years. I went once a month and always got a light color so the grow out wouldn't show. When the nail salons shut down, I thought "well, I'll just soak them off myself". HA! It took me forever to get them off and when I finally got all the way down, my nail beds were destroyed! I kind of knew they would be weak, but I didn't expect them to look as bad as they did. I'm finally getting them back to normal - I'll never get any gel put on them again. I've been using a nail treatment polish since about a year ago and that's all I use. It has a shine to it and looks like clear nail polish.

    I DO love pedis though. I hadn't had one since my last nail appointment before the shutdown. DD and I went a couple of weeks ago. I always wear light polish on my toe nails too.
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  10. Iowan

    Iowan Is this heaven? No, it's Iowa

    Jan 17, 2010
    Before Covid, I would have a pedicure, usually a dark burgundy, each month from March through October then I would let my toenails air from November through February. The only time I would do multi color was an occasional Christmas pedicure where I would go sparkly red and green.
    I do my own manicures and always use clear polish. I have split, flat, peeling nails and can’t keep polish on them even for a day. My three sisters all have/had beautiful nails but I inherited my mom’s crummy nails.
    My daughter gave me a gift certificate for ManiMe which are a type of stick on nails. I have not ordered them yet but they might be the ticket for special occasions.
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  11. LivyBug

    LivyBug Well-Known Member

    Jul 2, 2010
    I love a good manicure. For a bit I was getting gel, but it's expensive!

    Now I'm looking into dip powder at home (gel at home was a bust!). Here's the video I watched... still haven't decided if it's worth the start-up price (I think around $50-60).
  12. gonewiththewind

    gonewiththewind I choose joy.

    Dec 15, 2009
    I used to do my pedicure myself and would get my nails done. For years I had acrylics. Then I started working from home and dropped the acrylics. Right before the pandemic, I started getting gel manicures and I loved them. I still had to go get pedicures because while I can reach my toenails, bending for a long time to soak, clean, file, buff, and polish is just too my for my old back.

    I wear polish on my toenails year round. My color is Dutch Tulips by OPI and I've been wearing that color for years and years. :)
  13. dotcomkari

    dotcomkari The Deaf Superstar

    May 24, 2012
    I like to paint mine fun funky colors.. but sadly they chip off quickly due to me working with my hands a lot.. :( .. and I have tried Gel nails.. done professionally but they are so rough on my nails when removed..
    so most of the time they are plain and boring
  14. Scrapping with Liz

    Scrapping with Liz blessed

    Dec 19, 2015
    I occasionally paint my nails but they chip within a day or two and it drives me crazy. I've had 1 manicure and it was for my wedding because the lady I worked for surprised me with it.

    I have used Color Street and Jamberry and they will usually last me 3 weeks. So, if I want my nails done that's what I usually do. I go through phases where I want them looking nice and done but most of the time I just don't care or don't want to put the time into it.

    I usually paint my own toenails and try to keep them looking nice through the summer. I think I've had a total of 4 pedicures in my life. I like them...I just never make the time to do it.
  15. IntenseMagic

    IntenseMagic I like my pillow Rock hard

    Feb 28, 2012
    I used to go get my nails done all the time. Sometimes I would do something cool, but then I started doing just clear gel and then I would paint them myself at home and could change it out anytime I wanted without messing up the gel as long as I used a non-acetone remover. I haven't had them done in well over a year. They look pretty bad, but I haven't had much time to really worry about it haha. I have super brittle nails and it seems like no matter what I do, they always break.
    I really dislike pedicures. I've tried to like them a couple of times, but it's just not an enjoyable experience for me at all (other than the leg massage at the end). But my toenails are always painted. I use all different colors, depending on my mood :). Right now they are silver.
  16. crazycat1126

    crazycat1126 Well-Known Member

    Jul 6, 2013
    This is one of my favorite topics!! Get ready for my PSA! hahaha

    I actually use a lot of press-on nails these days and I always want to tell everyone about them. They're shiny like gel, come in a lot of different lengths, designs, and colors, and I've had them last up two and a half weeks!

    The key is in prepping your nails before application and then avoiding putting them in water too soon after putting them on. After cutting my nails, I push back the cuticles, clean the nail beds with alcohol, and pop them on, so easy! I will usually do this at night before bed to avoid having to wash my hands too much. Removal is the most tedious part but not difficult, I dip an orange stick in nail polish remover and gently push at the adhesive between my natural nail and the press on. There are faster removal options but this is the most gentle I have found.

    I buy nails by Kiss Impress and Dashing Diva. They have websites you can order through, or you can get them from Ulta, or drugstores.

    If anyone is interested...

    I also LOVE nail polish strips (no drying time, no chipping!) but that would be a whole other long post, haha.

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