Monthly Muse Febraury 2019: Love YourSELF | Week 2: Grow Your Mind

Discussion in 'Art Journaling Pad' started by mimisgirl, Feb 11, 2019.

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    Apr 10, 2015
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    Dec 19, 2013
    It never fails, it takes seeing the new prompt posted to set me on fire enough to do the last one. I know I have all month to get all the prompts done but I can't work like that; I have to do them in order or I get all kinds of twisted up.

    This one .. well, that's another issue I have, I want every one of these to be some kind of brilliant masterpiece, and when that doesn't fall into my lap within the first day I start stressing. I over think, over work - and then get frustrated and walk away, only to come running back when I see the new post.

    It's not what I wanted to do, exactly, but it's close enough, and it gave me a chance to play with this awesome new kit.

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    Oct 27, 2012
    @blueberries I hear you! I have AT LEAST 5 pages started for each week - but I just struggle to get them to com out the way I want - or to fully express what I am thinking - the ones I share are usually the "easy" ones, lol. The tougher ones I might work on for ages - but I enjoy that - and it gives me something to do for stress relief when my teen starts acting like a . . . well, a teen!

    Thank you for sharing with us, even if it did not go as planned!
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    Jan 2, 2015
    My second Monthly Muse page! :D Will Week 4 be posted Monday so I'll have plenty of time to finish the last two by March 3? I'm very much enjoying this!

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    Apr 27, 2013
    I Am Pretty Much An Old Hat At Creating Layouts About "The Mind"...My Mind...Or What's On My Mind...If You Have Ever Perused My Gallery You Will See That I Create Layouts That Talk About "The Blues" Anxiety & Depression Semi-Regularly...It Is A Subject Too Close To Home...Creating Layouts That Are Sometimes About Uncomfortable Subject Matter Used To Be Something That I Hid/Shy-ed Away From...But Since Being Embraced By The Lilypad Community As A Whole...I Have Come To Learn & Be Encouraged To Scrap About How I Feel At Any Given Time Or About Something I Feel Strongly About Or Believe In...This Can Be A Very Comforting & Strong Companion For Someone Who Feels Alone In The World Sometimes...It Is Easy To Feel Isolated When You Are Ill Physically & Feel Like A Shut-In Sometimes & Struggling To Understand & Get Under Control Your Mental & Physical Health Issues...Scrapping Layouts is My SANITY!!!!!!!!...It's Like My Own Personal Sounding Wall Of Moments/Difficulties/Indecision/Regrets/Wishes/Dreams/Hopes/Sadness/Happiness...All Daily Struggles & Realities Of Mine...This Is Perhaps The Most Personal I Have Ever Been About My Own Situation & This Layout Is Expressive Of These Feelings...Eventhough The Subject Matter May Be Difficult/Sensitive & May Seem Negative...There Is Always Hope On The Other Side Of These Difficulties & Learning How To Express These Feelings & Get Them Out There...Is One Of The First Steps To Healing & Acceptance...And To Anyone Who Is Going Through Anything Similar In Their Own Lives Or Knows Someone...A Friend/Family Member/Loved One...Remember You Are Not Alone & There Is Always Hope For A Better Tomorrow Even When A "Day Of Difficulties"(As I Paraphrase It...) Presents Itself & Rares It's Ugly Head...Take A Deep Breath & Find Your Happy Place...Wherever Or Whatever That May Be For You In That Moment...Because That's All We Can Do Is Take Each Moment As It Comes & Deal With It As It Presents Itself...So Don't Be Too Hard On Yourself...YOU ARE STRONG...YOU ARE BRAVE...YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL...All My Heart & Soul Goes Out To All Of You!...:bk

    *I Apologize In Advance To Anyone Who Finds These Issues Difficult To Talk About Or Difficult To Navigate Or Difficult To Perhaps Visualize(And Believe Me...I DO Understand...) But For Me This Is Part Of My Own Personal Journey & Personal Therapy...HUGS*LOVE*STRENGTH*HOPE...:heartslub

    *A Super-Large Thanks To Everyone At The Lilypad Who Have Embraced My Own Brand Of Personal Creativity & Uniqueness!...Those Who Have Come To My Gallery At Anytime To Check Out Or Comment On Any Of My Layouts...It Is So Gratefully Appreciated...This Is How I Have Become So Brave & Able To Freely Scrap About My Feelings Whether It Be Positive/Mitigating Or Negative With A Slant Of Positive...Hugs To All Of You!...:grouphug

    *For My Mind-Grown Layout-I Used:

    *Silent Battles:Negative Thoughts-Bundle-Rachel Jefferies
    *Limitless & Life Is An Adventure-Pink Reptile Designs
    *Kendra-Rebecca McMeen

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    Apr 19, 2015
    OK, I got it done. It's really a reminder to myself that I have the power to create my own future.
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    Sep 7, 2017
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    May 6, 2011
    I know this is last month's Muse, but I really liked the prompts and didn't have time to play so I did this one a couple days ago:

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    Jan 21, 2012
    I wish I’d seen this earlier, it looks like an awesome prompt even though i’m scared as h*ll about doing art journaling - goes 100% against my clean and simple tendencies

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