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  1. mishou

    mishou mishou

    May 1, 2010
    Hey everyone!

    We're so excited to have you join us on this M3 adventure :)

    Let's start with some introductions, shall we? Just tell us a bit about yourself and maybe share what drew you in to M3?

    (Feel free to share your social media or blog too so we can follow you if you want :) )

    I'm Michelle, aka Quirky Heart and you can find my blog here, Instagram here, Pinterest here.

    I'm 33, I live in Ontario with my husband Kurtis and by day I'm the loans and acquisitions registrar at a museum. I own every Apple product there is, I collect Blythe dolls and I like to treat my brother's morkie Jack like he is my real nephew :)

    I discovered digital scrapbooking 9 years ago and have been going strong ever since, designing on and off in my spare time since 2007. I've always admired the "clean and simple" style of scrapbooking and I try my hand at it once in a while but it's not my forte. My natural style is more like "messy and overly complicated". The quirkier the better in my books :) No surprise that I love mixed media and getting my hands dirty!
  2. Lynne-Marie

    Lynne-Marie Lynne-Marie

    Sep 12, 2011
    I'm Lynne-Marie, designer here at the Lilypad, part-time English teacher, mother to 3 boys (ages 7, 9 and 13), married to a fabulous musician with whom I have plans to record an album. I live in near Quebec City, Canada. I am also an Apple girl, but I don't own as much as lucky Michelle! lol! Mine is... shall we say... vintage! ;)

    I started scrapbooking with paper in 2005, experimenting with freestyle and mixed media. I loved to doodle on my pages. Then I switched to digital and immediately started designing. I was drawn to the hand-crafted look, but loved the ability to perfect my art digitally. I love mixing clean-line, graphic pieces with paint, stamps, doodles and anything that will give it a more crafted appeal.
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  3. lynning

    lynning Makes wishes come true

    Apr 15, 2010
    I'm Lynn - my middle name also happens to be Marie, but I go by lynning on the forums.

    I live in Michigan where I'm a full-time mom to my 5 children (ages 19, 11, 8, 6, and 5). We have 3 dogs. In my spare time (what's that?!?!) I am a Wish Granting Volunteer with Make-A-Wish Foundation of Michigan! It's so much fun finding out what these sick kids want to wish for... and then working with the Foundation to make it come true!

    I am currently waiting for a call back about a job I applied for. Substitute School Bus driver!! I think it will be a HOOT!!

    I started digital scrapbooking in 2006 right after the birth of my 3rd child. I realized what dismally bad job I did at keeping my first two children's baby books up to date. LOL Things aren't much better now, but at least they have some pretty pages to look at.

    I joined M3 because I really want to learn and grow in the digital Art Journal.

    I'm on Michelle's creative team and have been since her very early designing days at a different site... I've followed her around and always cheer her on.

    Enough about me... I cannot wait to dive in!!
  4. bcgal00

    bcgal00 Feeling lazy with my coffee and book

    Nov 18, 2010
    I'm Rae (bcgal00), live in BC Canada just outside Vancouver, am married to my sweetie, Darrell, and my girls are grown and married with kids of their own. It's just me, the hubs and Taz (my labradoodle) at home. I have a home business (medical transcription) and am a portrait/wedding photographer.

    I started paper scrapping about 10 years ago and following a broken shoulder bone where I could not use my arm well for months thus no scrapping or camera work, I bought a ton of kits and dabbled in digi but went back to paper scrapping once my shoulder healed. But I tried digi again a few years ago and felt much more comfortable with it. I scrap almost every day and although my style has been fairly minimal and structured, this past year I have been delving more into brushes, textures, blending, etc. The M3 designers are all faves of mine so I didn't hesitate to sign up for the six months and look forward to evolving my style and having fun with you all.
  5. justjaimee

    justjaimee Designer

    Feb 14, 2013
    Hi everyone!
    I'm just Jaimee :) I'm originally from Ontario Canada, but moved here to the Black Forest in Germany in 2008. I have been married to my best friend since 2001 and I have 3 children - Sydney 16, Alexandra 10 and Zoe 5.

    I love to scrap and my style is covers a wide spectrum! I try to create kits where you can get messy and creative but can also be used for very minimalistic styles. I love both! I've been designing since 2009 but my actual trade is Computer Programming (.NET development mainly). I quit my day job a couple of years ago and have been designing with full force ever since. Doing what I love most every day is something I never knew was possible. I'm living the dream!

    I love coffee (but I drink decaf!), jelly belly jelly beans (the popcorn ones are my favorite),photography (I have a Nikon D7000), working in my pajamas and reading (currently getting through the Game of Thrones books).
  6. lorryfach

    lorryfach Likes to be chauffeured

    Jul 13, 2011
    Hi! My name is Lorry. I'm 36 and originally from the Florida panhandle, but spent more than a decade in Minnesota before moving over here to Copenhagen, Denmark to be with my great Dane, Thomas. We have two girls: Dagmar is about to turn 6, and Maggie will turn 4 soon after. I grew up with a Southern accent, which I mostly lost in Minnesota, though I have a few holdovers, like "y'all" and the way I say "lawyer."

    It's funny to read all the Apple connections. I used to be a Mac Genius at an Apple Store, and could boast about my extensive collection. Thomas and I originally met online, and I half-jokingly told him I didn't date outside my OS. The first time we met in person, I used my employee discount to get him an iBook so I wouldn't have to. LOL But through a series of unexpected events (some unfortunate and some not, lol) I now have *no* Apple products. Dagmar has an old SIM-less iPhone and Maggie inherited the iPad, but I don't actually use either of them anymore. Man, life is WEIRD sometimes!

    And joining M3 was kind of a no-brainer, because four of my favorite designers are making a collab and offering a great deal. Maybe I should be more specific. ;) I do want to get more experimental and playful with mixed media, both in and outside of the AJ domain, and I have confidence that this will be high-quality, gorgeous stuff to play with, and that y'all will challenge and inspire me. Yay! I'm excited.
  7. chigirl

    chigirl Candy Corn junkie

    Jun 20, 2010
    Hi, Im Judy, chigirl in the forums. Born and raised in Chicago within cheering distance of Wrigley Field, I now live in sunny San Diego. I'm a full time accountant at a commercial bakery, the mother of 1 daughter, Jennifer, the MIL of a Navy doctor, Todd, and the NANA to Alexandria and Zachary. They are currently stationed in Okinawa so I dont see them very often but they are the subject of most of my pages.

    I found digi-scrapping in a craft magazine about 10 years ago. They offered a free kit and I was hooked. I scrap an average of 2 pages a day, it's my creative outlet and stress reliever after a looong day of looking at numbers. I also love to read and crochet. I drink coffee (decaf), love anything vanilla, and am addicted to Werther's caramels.

    I knew I would subscribe to M3 when Lynne-Marie gave her team a peak at her add-ons....I love the "throw it all on the page and see what happens" approach to AJ.
  8. dotcomkari

    dotcomkari The Deaf Superstar

    May 24, 2012
    Hello lovely ladies, I am Kari! :)
    I am so excited about M3!

    Any who.. I am 32, from Wisconsin USA, mommy to three kids (Bianca 10, Kai 8, and Asia 6) and engaged to Eric.
    I have a different scrapping style that is kiinda all over the place depending on my mood.. but normally pretty messy! **L
    I been scrapping digitally since I was about 14.. same time I started web design and paper scrapping since middle school.
    I am very crafty and love arts and crafts. I work at a local airport.. in the gift shop right now, but I have recently applied for TSA and really praying I get it!

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  9. scrappingramma

    scrappingramma flower power

    Nov 4, 2011
    Hi I am Ronda I'm addicted and I need counseling :-)

    I have been digi for 5+ years and I love it. No more paper/paint messes {that anyone can see}
    I am married to a wonderful very understanding man. We have 6 married children
    and 17 grand children. am a SAHgramma, not a day goes by that we don't have at least 2 here.

    What brought me to M3
    I love Quirky hearts fun kits etc. so I followed her lead.
    I am liking what I see, this will be fun.
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  10. cfile

    cfile My bags are packed for Platform 9 3/4

    Sep 2, 2011
    I am Christa. I adore coffee and scrapping! I am married to my best friend and the boy next door :) I am also retired.

    I am happy and thrilled to be part of the M3 and looking forward to the new fun at TLP! I have been Art Journaling now for about a year and a half now and love it, but all of these goodies can be used for more than AJ so I am excited. Bring on the fun!! :)
  11. faithfulhd

    faithfulhd Tomorrow, tomorrow! I love you, tomorrow ...

    Oct 24, 2012
    Hi - I'm Heather

    Ok seriously - I haven't even read everyone's yet and I have to say that I'm originally from Michigan (Hey Lynning). I imported my husband from Ontario Canada (Sault Ste Marie) back in 1991 (Hey fellow Ontario-ites). That was the year his whole family decided to pack up and move to BC (Kelowna) - he chose me instead (awwww).

    I'm an Apple junkie thanks to my dad who was fiddling around with them back before any of you even knew who they were ;)

    I started digi-scrapping back around 2007. As an introvert I love the outlet it gives me to just sit, connect with myself, and my thoughts while I recharge from life. Finding the time to do it is next to impossible though *sigh*. I just HAD to sign up for this because Just Jamiee is my most favorite designer and the other 3 are quite exceptional too. I'm sure all of the kits will be beyond amazing!!

    I am apparently addicted to getting an education because I can't seem to stop going back to school. I am currently working on my second Masters degree and classes start on Monday. I'm also an RN who works on a Med/Surg unit here in Indianapolis Indiana. It's never a dull moment around there.

    On the home front - I'm married to Mike for just about 23 years now. We went through years of infertility before finally adopting. We now have 4 year old twins (boy/girl) and a 2 and half year old boy who is currently special needs with global developmental delays. Never a dull moment here either. Mike is a pastor and he travels a lot! He will be going to Zimbabwe in November, Dominican in January, and Guatemala in February. That leaves me the full time student, employee, and mom to do it all - ugh! Hence my finding the time issue :/ Having mercy on my soul he has no other travel plans after that until I'm done with school in May 2015.

    I really hope to be able to participate from time to time. The good thing about school is that it puts me in front of my computer for an extended length of time, so mental breaks are often spent scrapping :)
  12. snappy2003

    snappy2003 Active Member

    Oct 5, 2010

    I'm Dawn from Western Ky. I've been digi-scrapping since 2003, even designed for a bit. I've been in a creative funk for a while and decided to try art journaling....haven't even done my first page and then this awesome opportunity came along so here I go!

    I'm looking forward to playing along each month. Hopefully this new way of creating will help me back out of my shell.

    Have a great day all!
  13. mmbstaley

    mmbstaley Well-Known Member

    Aug 28, 2010
    HI everyone!:hi5

    I'm Melinda, aka mmbstaley most everywhere online. I've been with Michelle as a CT member for a long time, and I've become addicted to Jaimee's Storyteller kits this year too. M3 is an awesome deal I couldn't pass up.

    I've been scrapping for 18 years - started in paper and moved to digi once it came along. It just made more sense to me once we got a digital camera as I was doing so much more on the computer before I even got to sticking things on the album pages. I'm a fairly traditional event scrapper most of the time, but on occasion my quirkiness works its way out so I like to have that type of scrapping elements available to me too when it does. I dabble in hybrid on occasion, and I love my Silhouette Cameo - no more cutting out templates by hand :woot

    I have 5 kids ages 8 (almost 9) to 18, 3rd grade to college (he just started yesterday - yikes!). My 4 girls are super active, especially as competitive tap dancers. I like to sew and have taken up that again after a many year hiatus and have made a few dance costumes and color guard flags in the last year. I've started dabbling in silk painting through the color guard flag connection and I just bought a serger yesterday since I found an awesome sale. The thought of hemming flags for the good size guard team on my regular machine was making me shudder.:groan

    I'm looking forward to seeing what all the M3 ladies have in store for us! I have no doubt it will be fun and unique :fairydance
  14. theAndrea

    theAndrea Google master

    Nov 14, 2013
    hello there (fellow Ontarians hehe)

    I'm Andrea... here I'm known as theAndrea mostly because of my last name (Trump)... this userid came about during a chat when everybody was teasing me about my last name :rofl

    Anyway, I'm married to my wonderful husband for 12 years and have two kids, Myles who is 10 tomorrow and Kylie who was 7 in March. The year we got married was the year I started paper scrapping... had to do our wedding. A friend of the family gave us a premade album and all we had to do was add photos. I was hooked from then on. I don't even remember when I started doing digi scrapping it's been so many years lol.

    Can't wait to play around!
  15. scrapsandsass

    scrapsandsass Oh Ricky you're so fine ...

    Feb 11, 2011
    Hi there! I'm Kimberlee.

    Tim and I have been married for almost ten years and have been together for about thirteen. I have a daughter who will be 26 on Tuesday, and Tim's kids are 24 and 22 (they live across state). We also have two grandsons. My daughter and Kennedy live with us. He is four and a half and will start pre-K for a few hours a week in September (Gran will get some alone time!!!). Our other grandson, Conan, is three and lives across state with his dad so we don't get to see him as often. :( We have two Boston Terriers and are in the process of trying to adopt a cat.

    I'm a stay-at-home gran and a student. Like Heather, I'm seemingly addicted to education... I'm finishing up my 2nd Masters as well [M.Ed] and taking about a billion online arsty classes. I'm a writer/poet and all around artsy-craftsy chick. I started doing digi art journaling/mixed media before it was a thing in digi land, and I still love the messy feel of playing without getting a mess around the house. I was just recently diagnosed with a rare neurological condition and have some other health issues going on that are still up in the air, so cleaning up messes is pretty far down on my interest/energy list. :giggle I also love to do regular scrap pages and PL stuff. I do some blogging and social media stuff here and there, and just try to stop and take in all of the wonderful stuff that is around every day.

    I'm excited to be here and see what everyone comes up with! I'm sure this creative group will be soooo inspirational!
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  16. dlw068

    dlw068 Member

    Jan 22, 2012
    Hi there - my name is also Dawn (DawnN or dlw068 in digiland)...

    I am a mom of 3 - step-mom to 1 and we own 3 cats and a dog (and recently added a hermit crab to the mix. He came home in a batman shell (I think my daughter knew I couldn't say no to that :)) I have 2 in college (just took my boy back yesterday too). they both are there for sports (and school). My other son plays football and races dirtbikes, while my other daughter cheers competitively. so there is always something to scrap about!!

    I have been scrapping all my life and was a Comp Sci major in college - so I have always dabbled in digi before I knew it was called digi scrapping. Now I combine my digi with my tactical side (I have invested in too many supplies to just let it all go), and I love adding my silhouette into the mix! My style (although I love simple and clean... I cant finish a page w/o some sort of paint element).

    I was introduced to the Art Journal style back in the MOC in January - and found Kimberlee there, and she led me to some other challenges where I have dabbled and had a lot of fun. Jaimee actually re-inspired the bug when she mentioned what she was doing, and I had to follow. There are so many talented designers in this group that it only made sense to join in.

    Life has been super crazy, work downsized, and well, that just means more work for the few of us lucky enough left to still have a job, to do it. I am excited to participate - I miss scrapping and can't wait to make this a priority in my life again!

    PS I am not a Mac girl. I have an i-phone that work gave me so I ditched the android and everyday I get more-and-more frustrated.
  17. omuli

    omuli La!La!La! I can't heaaar you!

    Jun 12, 2013
    Hello all! My name is Elina (aka omuli around digiland). I'm 40+ mom of two boys (aged 16 and 14) and happily married to my husband for 19 years. We live in small town in northern Finland and I work full time as a RN/head nurse. I've been scrapping since 2007, first with paper and glue and about two years ago moved completely to digi - and I love it!

    I'm Apple everything, I scrap with my trusted MacBook Pro (and Photoshop CC 2014) and snap pictures mostly with my iPhone. I love art journaling because it really is a way to show my feelings. And I love everything in M3 I've seen so far! This is going to be a blast!
  18. Noelle

    Noelle New Member

    Jul 17, 2012
    Wow! I've read all the intros so far and am really impressed. I'm so much more a dreamer and need to become more of a doer.

    My name is Noelle and that is also my online name. easy to remember! I was a Mac person until our agency went to all PCs and I won a PC. My first Mac was one of the very first. I called it my baby Mac because it didn't even have a hard drive. Everything went on the small hard disks that held 400 KB of data. See!!! OLD!!!

    Now I have several computers (desktops and laptops) - both Dell and HP. Unfortunately, I am a great collector and need to become a user (of digi things!).

    I have been married to my second husband for over 20 years and have two grown children (and seven grandchildren). We live in Nebraska and have taken up camping. FUN and lots of good things to scrap if I can just get myself on track. We also live out in the country (40.4 acres) and are very limited with the amount of data we can use each month (10 GB). That may seem like a lot to some, but I can't do everything at home on that amount.

    We have cats (inside and outside), chickens, goats, and pheasants that are probably ready to release. We used to have ducks, geese, and assorted other animals, but we also have foxes, skunks, possums and other wild things that like to eat things like the ones that no longer live here.

    I'll add more later, but wanted to get into the forum right away. You can all encourage me to actually get real active in the digi world.

    Here I am editing again. I teach in a hosptial program and just started back to work this week. I was a school psychologist for about 23 years and love working with students. I also teach Children's Church at our church.

    I joined M3 because I really like all of the designers and value their high quality work and integrity! I am excited to be here and look forward to the upcoming months.
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  19. valeriapiemonte

    valeriapiemonte valeriapiemonte

    Nov 6, 2009
    Hi there!!! :wave

    I'm Val, aka Little Butterfly Wings. I live in a small town called Assis in Sao Paulo State, Brazil (I know I live in a tropical country but I hate hot weather!). I am married to my college sweetheart, Adriano, for almost 11 years, we have two boys ages 9 and 7 and one fur baby called Fiona, a lovely border collie. We used to have another one but she passed away a few weeks ago. I still miss her deeply. Despite not having her by my side anymore she'll be forever in my :heartlub.

    I have never been a paper scrapper before. I started as a digital scrapper in 2009 when I was trying to find something to decorate my son´s first birthday album. I got addicted right away. I scrapped for about 2 years before I started designing. At that time I thought to myself, why not try designing my own kits? I know how to play with Photoshop and Illustrator because in fact these are the tools I work with everyday. ( I used to work as an Art Director at my hubby's advertising agency. In case you're wondering I dont work there anymore :) I quit about a year and a half ago so I could dedicate myself only to what I love most, digital scrapbooking!)

    How I ended up designing mixed media stuff?
    I've always had a freestyle as a scrapper and have always painted and doodled in my notebooks as a kid. So it wasnt long before I started doing these things in my designs as well. I love, love, love mixing brushes, paintings and textures to create my products. The messier the better in my concept!! That's why I love designing mixed media kits/products.
    When I am not working I enjoy reading, watching movies and hanging out with my family.
    Oh, oh and I am an Apple girl too!! We have everything from Apple in this house lol From my iMac to hubby's 2 MacBooks, our iphones, ipad, ipod (this last one is really old in fact, I guess it was one of the firsts!! LOL)
  20. nachtmol

    nachtmol Active Member

    Jul 3, 2011
    Hello everyone! I'm Jeanine, aka nachtmol, I'm almost 55, happy single mom of three sons (Durk almost 25 (living on his own), Jelle almost 22 (currently living at his dad's as he works near dads place, Jelle is more or less a homehopper) and Ferry, almost 18, (living with me most of the time). We have two cats, Pink and Floyd (mother and son), who managed not to get killed by cars...the other two we had only survived a few months, some people drive way too fast...

    We live in the northern part of Holland (the Netherlands) in a small town called Assen. Known for the TT motorraces eacht year at the end of June. I work 28 hours a week as a nightnurse at the emergency unit in a hospital for children with psychiatric disseases.

    I stumbled upon digital scapping at the beginning of 2009 and pretty soon started designing my own stuff as Page.One at digiscrap.nl, the only Dutch digital scrapshop/forum/gallery. I'm a lazy designer though (I really hate all the advertising stuff that comes with it!!), so I became a digishopaholic over the years ;). Love to buy stuff from designers I like! I should scrap more though, I have lots of kits I never have touched....:(
    I'm also blogger and moderator for the GSO blog and, since the beginning of this year I am a CT member creating for the Digidares. Being a CT member makes me scrap more and that's a good thing, this way I'm getting in a scrapflow being 'forced' to scrap almost every week. I want a big book at the end of the year, with all my pages in it!!!

    I joined the MMM (6 months subscription) because I love the designers and I want to improve my digital AJ techniques more! I totally fell in love with the colors of this first M3 and simply couldn't resist joining all the fun!!

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