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    Hi! I thought it would be helpful to have a timeline for our monthly Lilypad Letter Swaps.

    Each month we offer a Lilypad Letter Swap - this is our Lilypad community version of Janette Lane's Pocket Letters. Here's the info thread from our June 2018 swap with all the details: Lilypad Letter Info Thread. Each month's swap will have a choice of 3 themes that we, the Lilypad community, will suggest & vote on for our upcoming month's swap. This is an example of the monthly timeline:


    On or around the 1st of each month there will be a Partner Assignment thread - where partners will be matched with themes. This is also the thread where you can suggest themes for the next month's swap. You are encouraged to share photos of what you made for this month's swap in this thread as well, just make sure to wait until your partner receives their Lilypad Letter before posting pics.

    On or around the 11th of the month there will be a Voting/Poll thread - where those participating in the next month's swap can vote for their top 2 or 3 choice of themes (depends on # of participants). It will run for one week. The poll will be open from the 11th to the 18th (approximately).

    On or around the 19th of the month there will be a Sign-Up thread - this is where you will sign up to participate. You can rank your themes in order of preference, indicate if you have any preferences where you are willing to mail, let us know the country you reside in, and indicate how many letters you would like to make (we are keeping it to 1 or 2 max). Sign-ups will stay open until the end of the month.

    On or around the last day of the month there will be a new Partner Assignment thread - continuing the cycle, where partners will be announced along with their themes. Make sure you mail your Lilypad Letter(s) by this date at the latest!

    All partner assignments will also get a notification by PM (private message or conversation) as well. All threads will always be posted here in the Hybrid Forum!

    We hope you join us! Please let us know if you have any questions!
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    You're the best, Jenn!! Thanks for all the work you do on this and for posting this info! :beat:beat:beat
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    @jenn mccabe you rockstar you!!!!! Can you be anymore awesome???
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    Thank you Jenn!!

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