January 25th : Art Doll (Style Challenge)

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  1. MrsPeel

    MrsPeel LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

    May 7, 2012
    Hello!!!! I am so happy, delighted to be here!!! If you are reading, means you should congratulate yourself as we are in the last few days of MOC!!!! I have been amazed going around the galleries that are rocking with talent and amazing creativity!!!

    For today's challenge, we will be making a photo less page, a layout where the main feature is an Art Doll. Don't be discouraged if you have never played with art dolls, this will be super easy and so much fun!!! I promise! Think about this as a relaxed, playful collage, kind of going back to childhood and putting together paper dolls and dressing them up, just having fun. Or, you can go a bit deeper if you want to give your page a meaning that has to do with with you, your feelings, your friends, a family story, a fantasy story, something imaginary, a memory ….. the possibilities are endless!!! As simple or as deep as you want it to go, this is your doll, you can make her be whoever you would like, fantasy or a representation of whatever YOU love her to be. The key word is FUN, having fun developing your creativity by building up a doll. And to make it even easier for us, Tangie Baxter has kindly provided a template set to use to make our own doll!


    You can download the template HERE.

    Head, Torso and Arms are required. Legs, wings and crown/ head dress and any other pieces are optional. You can use elements and papers, word art or strips, fasteners, all things you can find in your kits can be used to embellish your doll as much as you like. You can add other elements & papers to the page, journaling and title are also optional, make your doll as big or small as you want, but your doll needs to be the main feature of your page. You can have another doll in your page; it can be a repetition of the main one, or a different doll, but needs to be build by you . DO NOT use ready made dolls, please. Your doll can be a traveler, a cook, a princess or a queen, a pilot or a scientist, whatever or whoever you want her to be. You can make her part of a book cover, or page one of any project, you can fill in your page or go minimalist. A note about the face: you can use flairs that have a face (like I did in my second page), or compose your own face, or use doodles of doll heads that come in kits, if you are having difficulties, let me know, tag or pm, and I will post a list of products you can use from kits you may already have :)

    The inspiration for your page should come from Vivaldi's 4 Seasons: (you can click on the high-lit name of the season to go to the music)





    The inspiration may come from the images for your color palette, or the music, even both together. It can bring back a memory or just a feeling.

    Here are a couple of pages I made:
    Inspired in the Summer colors & the Autumn music:

    and with both color palette and music from Spring.

    To recap:
    Your Challenge is to make a page in which the main feature is an Art Doll using the template provided as a guide, using scrapping products to build & embellish it , inspired by one of ViValdi's 4 Seasons.

    The Rules:
    1. Use the template provided by Tangie Baxter to make your doll.
    You must have a head, torso and arms. Legs, wings, crown and other pieces are optional. You can have 2 dolls in your page. NO ready made dolls please
    2. Choose one of Vivaldi's 4 Seasons for your inspiration.
    You must state which season you chose in the page description in the gallery, together with your credits.
    3. This is a photo-less page.

    General Requirements:
    Your page must be a new page in order to count for the Month of Challenges.
    Your page must be posted in three places:
    1. Uploaded to the TLP Gallery (not an outside hosting site).
    2. Posted in your page thread you created in the MOC Layouts Folder. You should have one post per completed challenge page. If you complete all 31 challenges, your thread should contain 31 posts. Please do not comment in the participants’ page threads so we can keep them clean.
    3. Posted in this thread. People can comment here if they wish.​
    Pages should contain at least 75% current The Lilypad product (currently for sale in the store from either permanent designers or guest designers).

    If in doubt about anything at all, please, feel free to tag me here (type @ symbol and MrsPeel without space) or pm me, and I will try to be here to answer as soon as possible!

    As some of you have panicked a bit :giggle
    I put together a bit more explained text, but it is really really easy!!!
    You can GO HERE TO READ:

    If you still have trouble, give us a shout and I will try help you further, but honestly, is easy!!! the page doesn't need to have a deep meaning, just play doll!!! :heartlub:heartlub:heartlub

    Have fun! Can't wait to see the marvels you all will create!!!!!
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  2. KarenB

    KarenB I'm an outie, not an innie!

    Apr 16, 2013
    What a brilliant challenge :beat
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  3. bestcee

    bestcee In love with places I've never been to

    Dec 18, 2013
    I guess it's practice for Tangie's Art Journaling Class next month? I can dip my toe in....
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  4. MrsPeel

    MrsPeel LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

    May 7, 2012
    thanks grls!!! as a matter of fact, I am really curious about what you two will make!!!! I'm sure you will rock it!!!! @KarenB @bestcee
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  5. littlekiwi

    littlekiwi I charge by the hour for anything before noon

    Jan 21, 2012
    oh god you’ve scared me now @MrsPeel, this makes @AnneofAlamo ‘s challenge look quite easy!
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  6. KarenW

    KarenW Send in the Clowns

    Feb 24, 2012
    Yay! Love this challenge Cynthia, can't wait to play!
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  7. londoncuppa

    londoncuppa I like rain, England ... and big words

    Nov 21, 2014
    This sounds amazing, Cynthia. Can't wait to get home tonight from work to play!!
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  8. Justagirl

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    Mar 4, 2012
    I had so much fun with this challenge. This is my first ever attempt at artdolls and lets just say after researching them on Pinterest I think I might be exploring them more, how beautiful are they! Anyways thank you for challenging me I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this one.
    I was inspired by SPRING and the entire concerto always leaves me feeling UPLIFTED.
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  9. Angela Toucan

    Angela Toucan I keep looking for THAT wardrobe

    Nov 6, 2017
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  10. silent ranks

    silent ranks Don't forget to turn back around

    Jun 16, 2013
    @MrsPeel Cynthia darling, you know I adore you but right now not so much. I think I have an idea but this will take some consideration.
  11. Nemla

    Nemla Stretching my skill set

    Apr 24, 2013
    OH I need to send Tony fishing.....or something...... anything to be alone with the computer for a few hours LOL so I can play !
    thought yesterdays challenge was really fun , but this is " funner " ( yeah I know, not a word, but it fits lol ) thanks for this ! :banana
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  12. Genniejoy

    Genniejoy Well-Known Member

    Jan 1, 2018
    Ok, so now you're getting into 'weird' for me! But I'll give anything a go...tomorrow, after I've seen 20 or 30 other examples. I think I need to sleep first! :) Looking forward to seeing everyone else's pages! :D
  13. AMarieT

    AMarieT Member

    Jan 2, 2018
    I've never done that before. I'm curious to see how this can turn out.:badputer :imok
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  14. heathert

    heathert Well-Known Member

    Dec 16, 2009
    Do we have to use the images you provided for the seasonal inspiration, or is it just seasonal period?
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  15. A-M

    A-M Not a lot of hustle in my hustle anymore

    May 3, 2016
    Thankyou Cynthia for a fun challenge. I do not do it often but I enjoy creating art dolls.
    I listened to the the Summer music as I created my page and felt the music was a little like the waves of the ocean. There were soft moments and then louder moments.
    My word for this year is "Joy" . A gift my daughter gave me for Christmas had the words on it " Today I choose Joy". I love the ocean and the waves so I found a quote I felt fitted my life right now.
    Just is case you cannot guess... the doll is me -- back view as I wanted to be looking out at the waves.


    Am I first ?.... I did not think I would ever be first this month.
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  16. NancyP

    NancyP All you need is a little bit of pixie dust

    Jan 16, 2014
    OK then----It's 5 a.m. and I got up just to see what the challenge was, and I am slowly backing away from my computer and going back to bed-----whispering to my inner self "I can do this-I can do this" :D:stars:backing
  17. Rikki

    Rikki Next I'm going to look up naughty limericks

    Jul 17, 2015
    Downloading the template now. Can't wait to play. I think I'll go for a c&s art doll.... yes!
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  18. MrsPeel

    MrsPeel LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

    May 7, 2012
    ok ok, ladies..... this is SO EASY you will start to love doing it!!!!!
    I will write a bit of a tutorial now, as soon as I finish answering you guys here, and will come back to p[ost the link in the opening post.
    No need to panic, is SUPER easy and fun!!!!!

    no scaring here, c'mon, Jenn , you are a warrior like me!!! we go for things!!! as I said, I ll write a biot of a guide, but you use templates, you can do this super easy!!!!:heartlub

    yay!!!! you know I love you!! can't wait to see!!!!!:heartlub

    yes!!!!!! as I said to Karen, love you too and can imagine how awesome it will be!!!!! :heartlub

    OMG!!!!!!! you are here Emma!!!!!!!!!!! I have had my mind elsewhere and wasn't around almost the whole of December so I had not seen you!! so happy to see you scrapping MOC!!!!!!!:heartlub

    well, not really!!!!! you can make her faceless, or sitting in a way like Anne Marie did @A-M love the idea!!! even of she is facing front, you can make it faceless, as long as there is a head, I'm happy!!!!
    I added the bit of the head because someone write to me about it...so I just thought ideas to use...but you can go for faceless no worries±± maybe make her a hat or a crown or hair...we are vain...!!! LOL :heartlub

    you will do wonderfully , my lovely!!!! is dead easy, as I mentioned above, will write a bit of a guide and post asap :) :heartlub

    ohhh can't wait to see Vivi!!!!!! I am always remembering when we did that AJ page together with Molly!!!!! Loved that!!!! can't wait to see!!!!:heartlub

    LOL no weird at ALLL!!!!!!!! you will gain skills, (which actually is like of you were drawing and filling up the bits with color, instead of color or lines, you use a paper, or some sequins or buttons..... As I said above, I will go write a guide to make it, don't worry!!!! You made the dispersion...which I honestly not sure I can do as well as you did!!!!!!!! you will love it, promise!!!!!!:heartlub

    you wll love it!!! or if not love it, at least see diferent possibilities, I use a lot dolls with photos in "normal" pages too.... I will write guide now and post asap!!!! :) :heartlub

    Heather, no, no need to be seasonal, You can look at the images and see what they tell you, listen to the music and see what brings to mind, you can use anything out of season, no worries. For example... to me, the Autumn piece of music actually sounds like spring...... I was listening to that when I made the second page... and it does not really look like fall...even though the music was the Autumn...I went for the colors of the spring image which made more sense in my heart, so creativity (which you have TONS!!!!!!) is up to you!!!!!!:heartlub

    LOVE LOOOOVE LOVE LOOOVE and LOOVE it MORE!!!!!!!!! my dear girl, yoy cannot imagine how happy I am that you decided to come back and having a great time with MOC, I have been following your pages and you make my heart sing... you also made me the happiest when you wrote your note on coming back.... I LOVE this community and really, when I see we can make a home with so much love, support solidarity , learning and having fun....is priceless!!!!!:heartlub

    hahahahahahahahahahahahah my dear friend...is almost 10 years we have known each other and I KNOW YOU CAN!!!!!! as I said above, once again, will write a guide in a minute , be back shortly!!!!:heartlub
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  19. jaye

    jaye My other car is a Zamboni!

    May 6, 2012
    @MrsPeel Cynthia, my darling I love and have missed you but now you have me terrified!
    I like to think I can do all styles but I have never done this, guess there is a first for everything :). Thank you for making me spread my wings.
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  20. wenckechodan

    wenckechodan Active Member

    Aug 13, 2012
    Hey girls and boys! I just read the funniest comment on youtube about Vivaldi's four seasons:
    "Aaaw, back when music was good! I remember jamming it on my lauto in 1764"

    Anyways, here's my layout, following Winter's first movement (read more in my gallery).

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