Is This the Future of Scrapbooking?

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  1. bestcee

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    Dec 18, 2013
    Ok, I had to know how it's done. It reminded me of those cool tables at the children's museums where you can pile up the earth and it changes to mountain/water/land through projection above. But it also reminded me of the book my kid has where light triggers each page to be read. So, after some time spent googling....

    "For the printed parts of the pages are supplemented by projected content, thus permitting interactive elements and moments of surprise in the form of animations with sound....
    A very special characteristic of iart's interactive books is the fact that the printed and projected contents can hardly be distinguished from one another. The analogue and digital worlds seem to merge on the pages of the book. As a result, the book does not only appear in virtual superposition, but adds to a new experience by offering the possibility of a haptic sensation.

    In addition, interactive elements and an elaborate sensor technology provide an intuitive access to the contents: animations are triggered when a page is turned or a highlighted area of the image is touched, and the language of the texts can be changed with a simple touch.

    At the same time, the technology remains in the background: hidden in the ceiling, inside the base of the book, without monitor, mouse, keys and cursor. For the readers, only the book with its physical pages and interactive animations can be seen, touched and heard."


    I found out how!
    This has both a printed book and a digital aspect!
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    May 29, 2014
    Thank you @bestcee, it is incredible! I would love to take a course on it one day.
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    Dec 31, 2011
    That’s really neat. And I’m guessing is probably what my grandchildren(?) or great grandchildren(?) will have someday for school? Wouldn’t that be something else!
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    Mar 7, 2010
    Our yearbook this year will have an app that allows you to hover and see videos (from where the still image was taken)

    @Karen - what you said seemed to fit this somewhat
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    Jun 28, 2008
    That's cool Krista!!!
  6. Tree City

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    Sep 28, 2011
    This looks like it could be a great learning tool. I don't think it would work at home quite as well as in a museum or school because the of the projection tech required: my kids aren't going to keep a scrapbook flat on a table while they look at it. Heck, they don't sit in one place with a scrapbook lol. Maybe they can shrink the projector so you can wear it on your glasses; that way as you move your head and the "book" (in sync), then you can use it in other, comfier, settings.
  7. KellyM

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    Nov 6, 2010
    Wow, super interesting. Thanks for sharing!

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