How to Justify Text in Scrabook Max 2.0

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    I hope this is the right spot. Corrections, Tips and Tweaks and Better Methods are always appreciated!!

    In case your eyes are young enough to read this . . . oh, and so you can see helpful arrows and my numbers for several lines of justified text:

    List of steps from LO page in gallery:

    1. Start with a partial layout - the main pieces you want to use so you can figure out how big to make text box and font.
    2. Type out the text you want. Pick font and size. Play around with text box size on your page until you decide how big the box should be.
    3. Import a piece of paper. Resize it to exactly the text box's size.
    4. Copy text box and resized paper to a new page. This text box is now called Box 1.
    5. Make a copy of the text box - think of it as Box 2. If you have not used enter to separate lines, do so now. Open Box 2 and use Enter to make a clear line break between every line you see in Box 1. (if you have a good memory/attention to detail, you could skip this step) This will prevent a line of text losing/adding a word if accidental resize occurs.
    6. Now, copy the very first line Box 2.
    7. Make a new text box (Box 3) Paste in the copied line.
    8. Line your piece of paper up to the left side. Lock it in place
    9. Move box 3 onto the paper strip and line up the left side. Resize the width of the box to match the width of the paper.
    10. Double click text box to open the edit window. Click the Advanced tab

    11. Right hand side - Spacing - Character
    Play with that number until text is edge to edge. I could not see the whole line in the preview window...but, if it got too big, the words would jump because the last word had just moved to a new line. I would go up 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 until the line jumped. Then drop back down one to say 1.2 and try 1.22, 1.24 and so on.
    12. Once happy, hit okay then Save save save (don't ask me why sob sniffle cry)
    13. Copy box 3 several times (one for each line in Box 2) and spread them down the left side. Each one is now correct size no matter what text you enter into them.
    14. Open box 2 and copy the 2nd line of text. Paste into the second Box 3 - rinse and repeat until you have all your lines in their own little box and fully justified.
    15. Select and group all the single Box 3 lines.
    16. I then changed the color of the text in Box 2. Moved it to the left side and placed it under all the new single Box 3 lines. Lock it.
    17. UnGroup all the Box 3 lines. Then I dragged each Box 3 up lline by line and placed it ontop of the recolored Box 2 (because I can't eyeball spacing between lines, grrr). Once I had all the lines Lined Up, I Grouped them, copied and went back to my Layout page.

    And that's the way you can justify text in Scrapbook Max 2.0 if you don't want to go the copy text - paste into a MS WordPad (or text file with ruler and justify) - resize the paper, justify text, screen shot said text and then import back into SBMax.
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    This is awesome Mylinn!

    And yes, Learning pad is perfect for it!
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