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    Dec 15, 2017
    I'm like some others, I take pictures of just about everything - and usually end up using them for something. I like to take pictures of food - food we fix at home and food that we get in restaurants. Scanning old pictures is another good option - most people have some of those. I'm in the process of doing that right now, so I can digi scrap them.

    If you have photo sharing capabilities with other family members/friends, share pictures. We all have iPhones, so we share pictures all the time. It's a thrill to hear that "sound" that somebody is sending me an album.

    Fortunately, I have 6 grandchildren who love to have their pictures taken. They've had my camera in their faces since they were born, so it's natural for them. None of them care where I post their pictures and we all take pictures constantly when we're together.
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    Grands are far away and I'm getting very few FB or other images these days. So it's just me and himself.

    But...there are things I see on my walks including the year long new library construction, what has been an almost 6 month tearing up the streets saga (gas, sewer, water... and god willing one day total repaving?), interesting weather, traffic signals in the rain - I wish for a red light when we have this kind of weather, and considering my screen name, well...FOOD. Changes in the house/seasonal decorations and of course selfies. When I think I look awful today, I know a couple of years from now I'll wish I looked that good!!! btdt.

    I also saw a theme I wished I could have done...a man took a photo out of one window every day for a year and it was fascinating. I thought of it but all our windows have screens.
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    Documenting new construction of any kind is something I've done as well. Our town swimming pool built during the WPA era was torn out and a water park built about 15 years ago. I can walk to it so would take the dogs I had at the time for walks that way several nights a week. Took my camera and got some good in progress photos of it. I made sure I got photos of the old pool before demo was done as well.

    I have a sliding door in my dining room. I don't take photos every day but quite often I will take photos looking out of it. It is one of my favorite places to get the motion photos of rain or snow. And, right now, the tree in my backyard is changing color every day so I've taken photos about every other day of it. I will also just go out to my garage and take photos looking down the street... especially during spring and fall with all the changes in trees that take place.

    Maybe you could come up with a specific spot to use and do the photo thing every day even if it isn't a window. Step outside for that one photo if you have to.
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    I just saw this thread and my first thought was this: A family decided to start a daily vlog on YouTube and after a year what they noticed was that they did more together as a family, they made more trips (offcourse! Nobody wants to look at... well... nothing), they got more and more ideas, made (more) new friends on the way, … and so on... So why not try the same with photography??? Stap out of your comfortzone, stop feeling sorrow for not having children (nearby), stop stalking your cat, stop irritation your teens and go out more, make it a weekly habit to go to a fun NEW restaurant, make pictures of your food there, inspire yourself with pinterest ideas, make them and photograph them, … In a year time, you can have a whole new world opened and an album packed with pictures you would have if you just stayed home wondering where to scrap about! :heartslub

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