Affinity Basics 2 - Adding, Moving & Resizing Objects

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    This is the second of a set of tutorials intended for beginners getting started using Affinity for digital scrapbooking. The process is the same for Affinity Designer, Affinity Publisher, and Affinity Photo. In this example I'm using Designer.

    I am also using @designed by Irma May 2023 BYOC kit: Colors of Spring kit

    1. Create a new document
    (See Basics 1a (for Affinity 1) or Basics 1b (for Affinity 2)

    2. There are a few different ways to add objects to your document. The one I find the easiest is the simple drag and drop. You can drag a element or paper from your file manager directly onto the page. Any file manager will work, here I'm using ACDSee for elements and papers. I tend to use Windows Explorer for photos.
    3. You can select a number of elements at the same time and drag drop them into your document in one go. Here I've added 3 more elements.

    4. They are all on top of the button. I want to move the button to be on top of all my other elements. To do this click on the icon of the button in the layers panel. Then drag it above the icon for the top element (in my example the ribbon bow).
    5. Now to add a background paper. Again via drag and drop.
    6. To centre the paper on the page, click on the alignment button on the toolbar, and choose central for both top and bottom. Then click Apply.
    7. My background paper is in the top layer. I could move it in the same way I did the button in step 4. As I want it at the bottom, the easiest way is to go to the Layer Menu - Arrange - Move to Back.
    8. To resize an object (here I'm resizing the frame) select the object. Then either
    • drag the corner handle of the object to make it smaller or larger. This will maintain the aspect ratio. Draging one of the central side handles will resize the object in only one direction.
    • Specify the actual size you want the object to be in the Transform Panel. To maintain aspect ration ensure that the aspect ratio icon is a linked chain (see below). If not, then click on the unlinked icon will switch to locked.
    I have resized the ribbon and the frame.
    10. Move your elements around the page by selecting them and dragging into location.
    11. I like to rotate my buttons a bit. To do this select the button. Then click on the rotation handle at the top of the object. Dragging the handle clockwise or anticlockwise will roate the button. Alternatively you can type in the desired angle in the transform panel.

    Affinity Basics 3 continues with this layout and illustrates cropping of photos and papers, and grouping objects.

    There is a tutorial on adding Simple Shadows here.
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    Angela Toucan I keep looking for THAT wardrobe

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