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    I am so excited to let you all know that I'll be facilitating a class/book club around one of my favorite books this summer!


    “No matter what your age or your life path, whether making art is your career or your hobby or your dream, it is not too late or too egotistical or too selfish or too silly to work on your creativity.”
    ― Julia Cameron, The Artist's Way

    I'm so thrilled to be hosting a creative cluster for Julia Cameron's book The Artist's Way. This book has helped me more than I can say in my creative journey, but it's been a few years and I had at least ten things happen right in a row that pointed me to take this journey again, I'd love for you to come with me! The Artist's Way is an invaluable guide to living the creative life. Creativity can come in many forms (painter, parent, writer, chef, ideation, sketching, spouse, singer, et al.).

    This is a group discussion style workshop. I am not your teacher or your guru, I'm simply facilitating the discussion! Julia specifically asks us not to "teach" this book to anyone, but to be part of it with the group (which she lovingly calls "creative clusters". I'll be exploring, sharing and learning again right alongside you. The more you bring to the discussion the more you will get out of this, very literally, life-changing journey. Morning pages and artist dates are at the core of the program and help us connect to creativity in it's purest form as a divine source.

    This book is spiritual in nature and uses the word God, but as Julia explains to us you can call whatever that source is to you by whatever name feels right for you to call it.

    You will need the book which can be found on Amazon or Kindle! (More details about the different versions can be found in the classroom, which you will get instant access to).


    1. If you are a monthly subscriber of the Art Journal Emporium or of the Happy Place you will automatically get access to this class, please check into our classroom on how to get FREE access to this class.

    2. This class is FREE with this $10 purchase in my store (just check out with this package and you will get FREE access to the workshop and a $10 coupon in your downloads good on any purchase in this shop through August 2018 (excluding subscriptions). Easy as pie and you'll get goodies to play with!

    3. Make at least a $10 donation to Charity Water (just click on the button in the upper right that says "donate" on their page). Forward your receipt to tangiebaxterandco@gmail.com and I will give you FREE access to the workshop!

    You can get all the details [here].


    Any questions? Feel free to ask! :heartslub
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