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  1. ArmyGrl
    Thank you for the update. Focus on the positive...and be grateful for caring souls such as yourself.
    Feb 6, 2021
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  2. G.J.
    Thank you so much for the update, praying for all of them
    Feb 6, 2021
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  3. cfile
    oh Farrah.. that is great news .. thanks for the update and prayers for all, & that the remaining 5 get better too... prayers for you too as I know how hard that is on you. Hugs my friend.
    Feb 7, 2021
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  4. jesskab
    Prayers for all of you Farrah. Come on doggies, pull through!!!
    Feb 7, 2021
  5. norton94
    Oh no! Poor pups - and you. Hope they all get well asap!
    Feb 9, 2021
  6. sharonb
    Feb 9, 2021