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  1. MrsPeel
    Kinda interesting to do for me, especially as I have stuff from some designers I bought but never used LOL, looking forward to see what you make/made, Micheline is AWESOME!!!!! <3 (so are you!!!!!) <3
    Aug 20, 2020
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  2. keepscrappin
    Way to go! I tried that once but couldn’t do it... hehe We just have too many great designers and products coming out each week! I want it all!
    Aug 21, 2020
  3. silent ranks
    silent ranks
    I did it! 7 challenges only with Micheline Lincoln Designs. Except BYOC of course and Liz' template.
    Aug 30, 2020
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  4. MrsPeel
    bookmarking your gallery to go look after I finish with the 200 other things I need to catch up with LOL You are an awesome talent, I am sure I will be over the moon!!!! (not sure that is the right expression, but I just woke up LOL) Love YOU!!!!
    Aug 30, 2020
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