SYFHO Challenge One

SYFHO Challenge One
Serena, Oct 11, 2010
--The LilyPad--
{Sahlin Studios}
And Jenn Barrette - Vintage Carnival (wood paper, grunge frame)
{Valorie Wibbens}
A Stitchy Mess
Sewing 101

{Eclectic Designs by Gabi}
Worn Papers 1

{Danielle (Something Blue Studios)}
Masking Tape
Ecology (bookplate)

{One Little Bird Designs}
with KWilson - Wildflower Collab (leaves, brown button)
--Designer Digitals--
{Katie Pertiet}
Stitching Holes

broken life
frusciante hand
Journaling Past:
in the past it's
no secret I've
held a disdain
for myself. I
struggled for
years to find a
glimpse of the
person people
were seeing. I
used a lot of L
words on myself.
Loser, Lame, Lost
and the list
goes on and on.
The one word I
forgot in the L's
is very important
and one I over
looked. "Love."
I have always
been the type that
truly loves. It's
a quality that
still serves me
well now. I have
an immense capacity
for loving in the
things that I do and
the people I have
the luck of having
in my life.
I wish I knew then
what I know now. I
wouldn't have hated
myself so much.

Journaling Present:
At the present I fight through pain every day, living instead of paycheck to paycheck like most, from pain pill to pain pill. It's hard sometimes to remember to breathe much less function. The
good thing is that I've learned to appreciate my good qualities andignore as much of the negatives as possible. While I can't claim to love myself entirely I can at least concede that I'm not as bad as I used to think. I do enjoy my ability to create, in life, photography and my scrapping. I've given up a lot as a mom (what mom hasn't?) but I strive to keep pieces of me in everything I do. My children are still one of my greatest creations to date. I
hope that I can at least set a good example for them and leave something behind they can be proud of.
Journaling Future:
who knows what the future
holds? Perhaps I will be
singing again. Perhaps I
will finally succomb to
the pain or perhaps I will
fight and win. Perhaps I
will be showing my kids
this page and smiling at
my inability to predict
what I will have gone
through by then. I hope
that no matter what it is
that occurs that my pages
will hold the most
important reminder.
I love them very much.
I hope they learn about
not only me but also
what they were like
growing up. I hope
these pages give a glimpse
of what life was like
growing up with them and
that they treasure those
memories as much as I.
    • coco
      this is beautiful :beat love it
    • geek_girl
      Stunning page, I had to look twice, I thought it was a real paper one LOL
    • groenhop
      What a stunning and powerful page!
    • liahra
      This is fabulous! Looks so real!
    • carilyne
      Such powerful sharing. I love the page. I don't deal with pain every day but the depression is what gets me. This page is such a step forward, just writing it and giving it voice. Welcome to the pad and looking forward to more from you.
      Serena likes this.
    • orkan
      I like this eye which shows itself and hides. I tell you that I wait for your next page, very beautiful, full of tenderness
      Serena likes this.
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