scarletsierra, Jul 9, 2010
bugga and daddy...penguins
journaling reads: one of your favorite things to do with Daddy lately is pretending to be put your feet atop of his and you waddle around together--he with his arms around you or holding your hands tight. you like to say that you are "just like the real daddy and baby penguins. And while it's all smiles and fun for you, what you don't know is that you really do have a penguin kind of daddy. A daddy who would weather any wind or storm to keep you warm and safe, a daddy who does more than just provide..he nurtures. That's something a little extra special and I can't tell you how blessed we are to have him in our lives. I think you know feel it. but someday you'll know just what I mean. you are so lucky to have a penguin kind of daddy.
Dapper by Emily Merritt
Tiny Typewriter Alpha by Emily Merritt
back to basics 2 by Kaye Winiecki
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