Our house is a Home

Our house is a Home
pameladonnis, Oct 16, 2010
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Today we went househunting with some close friends (we consider family).
It was the third time going back to look this house and they are ready to talk about making an offer. It's what I'd consider a dream home--nestled on a wooded five acres with a stone fireplace; rich, dark wood molding; tile floors; huge kitchen; gorgeous landscaping, a gazebo; and a pool out back. After exploring and chatting for an hour we came away from the excursion with the idea this house was not an "if" but a "when" for our friends.
As we got back in our van and Jared immediately turned to me and said, "Are you jealous?" I sucked in my breath and paused for a few seconds--thinking. "No, I'm really not." I replied. "I'm thrilled for them. I think it's an amazing house." Jared looked surprised and then grinned. "Hmmm. Well I am!" he said, half joking.
I've been reflecting a bit on this because honestly, I was a bit surprised that I wasn't jealous! I think the difference is that I've been *trying* to be content where I am right now. I know someday there will be a dream home for us. And someday we will be inviting our friends along to meet our realtor.
But today we need patience. And today we have a house that's good enough for us. For now. It's something we can afford while we look into our future and work down our debts. It's okay that our house isn't magazine worthy. I know someday we'll look back and be glad we "lived like no one else, so later we can live like no one else." #Dave Ramsey#
Today we'll just keep trucking through those debts, be happy for our friends, and make our current house the best home for us.