My Life and Loves

My Life and Loves
renee82, Nov 24, 2009
So, this is so very out of my comfort zone and I hope you guys like. It's just a few things I tell myself to keep going and also a few fun facts about myself. Just kind of a collage of the stuff that came to my head as I was creating. I think I'm happy with the way it turned. I was so excited when I was creating it 'cause it was so much fun. TFL!
Remember to Breathe
Stop Being so hardon yourself
I use auto mode way too often
I *heart* chocolate
Adrien is one of the funniest people I know... shhhh.... don't tell him!
Being a mom is a lot tougher than I ever imagined.
I fear dying in a car wreck.
I once ate a whole package of Pillsbury Turnovers to myself. But I was preggers. Perfect excuse!
I will shamelessly play a song I like over and over again until I know the lyrics.
Messy Polaroids 2 by Amy Martin
Background Paper,frame and heart from Love is Keely and Remind Me! Sticky Notes by Karah Fredricks.
Staple from Funky Junky Old School by Kate Hadfield, Michelle Godin and Rachel Young
Skull from Triple Dog Dare collab (retired)
Heavy Duty Staples (retired) by Kate Hadfield
Some staples and butterfly by Lauren Reid
Push Pins from Road Trip by Aja Abney
Fonts are DJB Gimme Space, Jewel, Rebecca, CT Nikki, Writes a Lot, Pinky Swear, Jeminifer, CT Laura and Nee Nee all by Darcy Baldwin at SSD