MOC8 Day 8: Build Your Own Tree

MOC8 Day 8: Build Your Own Tree
SeattleSheri, Jan 8, 2020
MOC8 Day 8: Build Your Own Tree
The background tree is a custom shape from Photoshop filled with paper and "stroked" using Mommyish's stitching action; photo frame leaves are also a custom shape

Wintertime | Hansel by Lynn Grieveson
Fallscape | Life is Feeling Grateful | A true friend Little Butterfly Wings & Studio Basic
Make it happen | Nuts about Fall by PRD
CCM Sept 17 (K Aargard)
Treasured Places | Brightside by TLP
Believe by Forever Joy
A Thousand Years Becca Bonneville
Some Bunny Rachel Jefferies
Fall Fantastic by Allison Pennington
Sleep Mode by Bella Gypsy
Thanks for looking!
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