MOC10-Day #11-I Live Here

MOC10-Day #11-I Live Here
RJMJ, Jan 17, 2022
I Knew It Would Take Me A Long Time To Complete...But It Took Me Almost All Day Yesterday To Complete This...It's Kinda Funny!...I Didn't Like The Idea For This Challenge At All!...But Ultimately I Ended Creating Something Unique,Artsy & Fun...& Totally In My Style...I Had To Use A Template To Make It Work Though...I Live In Moncton,New Brunswick,Canada...New Brunswick Is The Province We Live In...It Is Very Beautiful! & Picturesque In Our Province...So I Scrapped About Tourist Attractions In NB...One From Moncton...The Rest From Around Moncton...Fundy,Hartland,St.Andrews,Hopewell Cape & Campabello Island...Before Covid We Had A Thriving Tourist Industry Here...People Who Came One Summer Came Back The Next & So On...It Used To Be A Very Popular Destination For Families Especially...There Are Many More Places To Visit...I Just Highlighted 6 Of Them..

As Per The Rules :

*At Least 1 Photo : I Have 6
*100 Words Journaling : I Have 101 : I'm Pretty Sure You Can Read Them Clearly

*5 Location Inspired Items : I Have More Than 5 :

1. Flair : As You Travel Ask Us [I Love This Quote]
2. My BG Paper Is A Map Of Canada I Turned Into A Paper
3. Compass
4. Arrows
5. WA Title Element : Journey
6. Trees : Just Go
7. Camera

*For My I Live Here Layout :

*Mixed Media Monthly-April 2017-Journey Adventurous Crossroads-Little Butterfly Wings & Paula Kesselring
*Mixed Media Monthly-June 2020-Happiness Is Planning A Trip-Paula Kesselring & Rachel Jefferies
*Mixed Media Monthly-January 2016-Just Breathe-Little Butterfly Wings
*This Is The Place-Rachel Jefferies
*Red Hearts : Part Of The Template I Used : I Embossed & Shadowed
*Funky Angle Templates-Scrapping With Liz
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