MOC 23 Interview About The Past

MOC 23 Interview About The Past
umyesh, Jan 23, 2021
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Who did your laundry when you were little?
Me: My mom or my older sister
Mom: My mom. She also taught us how and we were assigned a day to do wash when we were older

How were your clothes washed?
Me: In an electric top loading washing machine in our basement
Mom: In the washer

How were your clothes dried?
Me: In an electric front loading dryer in our basement or hung on a clothesline in our backyard or hung on drying racks in our basement
Mom: We had a dryer for most everything but in the summer she would hang out some whites & sheets on the clothesline in our backyard

When did you start doing laundry?
Me: When I was in junior high school
Mom: I was probably 11 or 12 when I started doing loads of laundry like towels… But I do remember scrubbing whites with the bar of soap on my dad's collar and cuffs. It was before we had spray and wash

Have you had any bad experiences doing laundry?
Me: Too many! In college our washing machine ruined an entire load of my clothes. I washed my whites and they came out with greenish brown goo all over them. I was so mad! Thankfully we got a new washer in our apartment after that. In our first apartment as a married couple our washer overflowed. We had to use fans to dry up the floor. A little later on in our marriage I accidentally washed my husband's brand new iPod and it never worked again
Mom: Not really a bad experience that I remember.. unless someone left a tissue in their pocket or gum

Fill in the blank: I'd rather do laundry than...
Me: I'd rather do laundry than clean bathrooms.
Mom: I'd rather do laundry than clean my oven
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