* lullaby *
wyowomanKristin, Apr 28, 2007
These songs "day is dying in the west, heaven is touching earth with rest..." and "now the day is over, night is drawing nigh..." instantly take me back to Mom singing us to sleep. (the journaling is the lyrics) the photo I took this fall, on my way home from work. It's one of my favorite views, that point where i first see "the flat" as i come out of the hills. oh, and the photo is unfiltered - colors compliments of the wildfires last summer & fall- lol!
Amy Wolff Blushing (rose) Winterglow (leaves)
Natalie Braxton Wrap Around Ribbons
Misty Mareda Cher and Creole Candy papers. Lauren Reid-Tenacious J paper and Black Sheep Alpha. Traci Murphy Drop Shadow Actions. Poppy Andrews Quirky Month Tags. Michelle Coleman Flourish brushes (to mask paper). Dianne Rigdon A Little Magic brushes. Leah Riordan Melody paper. Fonts: Susie's Hand and Batik Regular.