Katz's Deli

Katz's Deli
cassidyk, Dec 19, 2012
Journaling reads: Katz's deli has been in business since before world war II but was made famous by an iconic scene in the movie "When Harry Met Sally". Upon the recommendation of a friend who grew in up on Long Island we went for lunch and got her suggested meal of pastrami sandwich and a potato knish. Neither of us had ever had a knish before but it was very enjoyable--sort of like deep fried mash potatoes. We both agreed the pastrami was by far the best either of us had ever eaten. It was so flavorful and tender, absolutely delicious!Katz's also had an interesting system for payment. As you walked in the door each person was given a ticket, your order was marked on that, and you paid at the door before leaving. If you did not return your ticket you were automatically fined $50. I had left mine on the table because Ryan ordered for both of us and mine didn't have anything on it but as we walked towards the register I saw the sign about unreturned tickets and I quickly went back to claim it before the bus boy disposed of it. Lunch was expensive enough without adding a hefty fine on top of it!
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      So glad you enjoyed Katz' deli! great page! I am from Long Island as well and now that I am in VA Beach we have a similar place here that is just like Katz's deli. The guy is from Jersey and has photos of him and the owner of Katz's on the wall. Any time I want a "taste of home" my DH & I go there.. the Pastrami sandwhich is so good that I eat a quarter of it and then take the rest for leftovers for at least 3 breakfasts of pastrami and eggs. You are correct re the Knishes... superb! So glad you enjoyed! Glad you scrapped the page too!! :)
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