Have Yourself...

Have Yourself...
holly, Dec 7, 2007
Hi girls! This is my family last Christmas. tfl!
Emily Merritt:
NEW-Candy Cane Alpha
Felty Snowflakes
Corduroy Christmas
NEW-First Friday Felt Frames (collab w/ Tiff Brady)
Doodled Frames
Funkified Flowers
Doodled Word Strips (DOM:)
White Tile Alpha (DOM:)
Natalie Braxton:
Blitzen's buttons
Love, Joy, Peace
Rudolph's Ribbons
Knotty Little Ribons
Really Big Ribbon Folds
Denim and Dirt
Funky Froggy Doodles
Froggy Flowers
Paint the Moon:
Chloe's Treasure
Summer's Fade
Puddles of Silk
Birgit- A Merry Little Christmas Kit
Syrin- Loose Stitches zig-zag
Joana Carvahlo- Little Fish boy
Ida- Crayon Doodles
Kate Hadfield: Wordy Bits Alpha