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Halloween Bash: October 2020 - Recipe 3 - 26 Flamingoes

Halloween Bash: October 2020 - Recipe 3 - 26 Flamingoes
Claire Grantham, Oct 24, 2020
This was a lot of fun. I love recipe challenges -
Recipe #3: Sesame Street
1. Elmo the cute little red must have something red on your page Red flowers, papers, paint, numbers
2. The Count is always counting must have at least 1 number on your page. numbers
3. Big Bird, the friendly yellow must include something tall, or something you would find in the sky. Flamingoes
4. Cookie Monster, always eating all the must include circles on the page. Template has circles, I've clipped papers to them and used a circle for my photo
5. Oscar The Grouch, loves his must have at least 2 clusters on your page. 3 clusters!!

I used -
Sara Gleason + Crystal Livesay - DSD 2020 Grab bag template
Just Jaimee - September Storyteller Bundle
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