growing up

growing up
scarletsierra, May 3, 2010
For the Color Challenge at The Lilypad--come play with us!
I can't believe my Bugga is nearly four years old. Another page for her letters and lessons album.
journaling reads: Sweetheart, when I was looking through my photos recently I came across this one and just had to pause for a minute. Youre nearly four years old now and it seems like you have blossomed out of toddlerhood into a little girl overnight. You are more interested in learning everyday, and in making friends with everyone you meet. Relationships with others are most important to you. You are starting to care a little less about mommy cuddles and a little more about becoming your own you. You are starting to flash me the cheesy kid fake smile. You are funnier and stronger and so helpful. While part of me mourns for the little you, I am so excited to see who you are growing to be. You are as beautiful as ever and we love you so much. Enjoy every moment of growing up...just dont go too fast, ok?
from the May BYOC
Inked Offset Alpha by Amy Wolff
Silly Sundress Eclectic Elements and Silly Sundress Mod Flowers by Cori Gammon
Feeling Lucky Papers by Jenna Desai
iMom Elements by Emily Merritt
Apron Strings by Gina Miller
gettin krafty by Valorie Wibbens
Free Spirit by Holly Designs
Paint Rubs by Lauren Reid
Vintage Vogue Elements by Krista Sahlin
Paint Me Happy Papers by Rachel Young
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