* blinging *
wyowomanKristin, Aug 18, 2007
My dd, and the event of a "third hole" in her ear :) She had put her off saying "that sounds like something you should save for doing in high school" and ... here we are. oh yeah, and the bling words were her suggestions for a page title - I decided i wanted to use them all, cause she sure was cracking herself up coming up with them
Using the Lilypad's Froggy Finds - items under $2:
Natalie Braxton:
Froggy Flowers
Funky Froggy Doodles
Lilypad Paint
Lilypad Ribbons
Kate Hadfield:
Pad Polka-bet
Almost Posh - Collab Kit with Traci Murphy bling jewels
Lauren Barden:
Froggy Fuzzies stitching
Nancy Comelab:
Pad Delights - Shiny Little Alpha

extras: Kim De Smet Susanna's Dream newsprint. Traci Murphy Drop Shadow Actions. CK Stilts font. atomiccupcake actions.