umyesh, Sep 13, 2020 at 11:10 AM
For Jess's AJ Slow Scrap
Step 1. Choose from Air, Earth, Fire, or Water. This will be the theme for your page. Make it obvious that this is your theme. This can be a title or highlighted words in journaling.
Step 2. Represent order. Use one clean lined frame or stroke. No frilly/fancy edges on the frame, just straight sides. Your page does not need to have a photo.
Step 3. Add chaos with paint, at least 3 different paints.
Step 4. Add thread and/or stitches. Maybe we're healing, maybe a big jumble of thread represents the mess this theme has caused.
Step 5. You must have at least 3 complete sentences of journaling, in English (or provide a translation).
Step 6. Use a scatter. Was I thinking of the movement of the wind? Maybe. Then, add whatever you need to make this page yours.
Products Used:
Total Eclipse Papers, White Alpha | Paula Kesselring
Stringbats 10 - Tiny Bits | Kim Jensen
Oh Deer December, Artist, Limited Edition (Element Packs) | Sabrina's Creations
Bloom Confetti | Sara Gleason
Thanks for looking!
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