27 Random Facts for my 27th birthday

27 Random Facts for my 27th birthday
renee82, Oct 9, 2009
Just a page about me when I turned 27 (in Janurary!) This page was a lot of fun to make but also alot of work. It was also inspired by Brenda J's "33 things I love at 33" TFL!
1. I used to dream of becoming an Olympic figure skater. Winning gold and all! Seriously!
2. I love the crisp smell of fall.
3. I'm finding that working part-time gives me the best of both worlds. It helps me appreciate both my children and my job more. I get to be home with my kids and love being a mom, but I do like my *real life* job where I get to meet new people and help and the uninterrupted coffee break are not so bad!

4. I hate when people leave wet dish clothes in the sink. It grosses me out!
5. My wedding day and the births of my children are in a tie for the best days of my life.
6. When I was about 6 years old, I had to wear a stick on eye patch to correct my lazy left eye. How I hated that thing! It was so itchy!
7. People sometimes think that my kids are my mother's children. I know she looks young, but *I AM* their mom. ;)
8. I knew from the moment we started dating that I would marry my husband. He is my soul mate.
9. I came to the realization that I probably went through post partum depression after my second son. The sleep deprivation and being away from my family really took its toll on me. I felt so alone. Although I hated myself at the time, I've since accepted the fact that this happened and have been able to move on. I'm a good mom (I think) and what kept me going was the fact that I loved my sons more than anything. Thankfully I have a wonderful husband who is always there for me.
7. I'm a semi self-thaught saxophone player. (thanks mom!) I also played the trumpet.
8. When I was 14, my two front teeth were broken in half in a white water rafting accident. The sides of both my eye teeth were also broken. Sorry for putting you through that mom!
9. I love to read but haven't had much time since my children were born and since I've started digital scrapbooking.
10. When I go clothes shopping I have to do every store before I decide what I want to buy. It drives Adrien crazy!
11. I hate condescending people. Especially Doctors. We are supposed to work as a team!!! Maybe I'm in the wrong profession. ;)

12. Some of my favorite childhood memories were when we would take our vacation at McKenzie camp. Cabin #5 was my favorite. The campground was owned by grandparents so it felt like my own personal playground. We always made new friends, spent lots of time with family and did lots of fishing!
13. I'm only 5" tall. I've accepted, it doesn't bother me. Except when I can't reach something in a store.
14. I love being barefoot. Especially when I've just had a pedicure.
15. Even though we are very different from one another and we've chosen different pathes for our lives, I love my sisters very much. I wish we were closer.
16. Digital scrapbooking is the perfect creative outlet for me. No mess and I get to preserve my memories when I do. I've met great people through this art that I admire very much!
17. I love listening to music in my car. I turn it up LOUD and sing at the top of my lungs! :)
18. I sometimes hope to have another baby. But secretly I wish I could accept the fact that I'm probably done. I love my kids very much but scary births and sleep deprivation are things that I don't know I could go through again.
19. The fact that I still have acne at the age of almost 27 makes me very self-conscious.
20. I'm married to my high school sweetheart. We've been together for over 11 years.
21. I trust to easily and have been burned too many times.
22. I secretly love being the only girl in the house. It's fun to be treated like a queen! (Well, most of the time!)
23. Family is the most important this to me in the world. I would do anything for them.
24. I've had both my kids by c-section. At the time, I hated it and thought myself less of a woman. But it had to be done. The important thing is that both my boys were safe and sound. I would do it again if I had to.
25. Feeling like I'm being rushed stresses me out. A LOT!
26. I sometimes doubt myself as a mom and wonder if my kids will every understand how much I really love them. I feel guilty when I try to juggle being a mom and wife all while holding down a part-time job as an x-ray technologist and trying to get time for myself. I know I'm not superwoman, but I wish I could be. Or at least help me accept the fact that this is my life and that I can't play with my kids 24/7 and that it's okay to do housework while they play....
27. I believe I am married to the most wonderful man in the world. I love him very much and am so grateful for everything he does for me as a husband and a father. He is my soul mate and probably the only person I know I can be 100% myself with. He believes in us and that marriage should be 50-50 and he doesn't even make me shovel the driveway!
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