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all time low element pack

all time low element pack
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Not all of life is happiness and rainbows. This kit is for documenting those hard times.

You receive:
1 polkadot ribbon bow
1 tied silk ribbon
1 ribbon with bow
3 buttons
1 spray misted chandelier with bird
1 crocheted doily
2 fabric rolled flowers
4 fabric flowers with button centers
1 vintage paper frame
1 metal frame
1 "mood ring" type keychain
3 painty messy marvin elements
1 shabby painted page border
1 stick
1 string
1 small metal flower trim (12in)
5 grungy word strips (anguished, tormented, alone, whiny, whatever)
3 tiny metal word initial elements (FFS, WTF, FML)
5 clean word strips (I feel nothing, can't think, downward spiral, stuck in place, want out)
1 wordart card (crying til my eyes hurt)
1 wordart scallop clock (time to move on)
Price: $2.99
This product includes 1 set of digital files.
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