Traumatized: IV=Evil

Traumatized: IV=Evil
MrsPeel, Mar 12, 2013
journaling reads: I'm not squeamish, trust me, after being born paralyzed, not walking until aged 5, having had 9 operations since birth to 8 years old, plus a number of others later in life, I had arrived to a point in which all hospital related things where a mere routine for me. When I had the caesarian, I had the best time in life, couldn't get why women were complaining, it had been quiet painless and easy for me, but when I had the replacement in 2003 and everything went wrong, because they had to operate straight away to fix their mistakes, I had to be kept on the IV for 11 a half days. This brought a number of problems like me being scared (and scarred!) for ever of seeing a needle coming anywhere near my hand with a butterfly clip, seeing visions of jets of blood
shooting out from my arm's vein out into a nurses face (it did happen) and crying for 25 minutes non stop when having the bone density scan in 2012 I guess the last one left the poor radiologist traumatized too, she was being so nice and that made me even more emotional, but I had
started to cry as soon as the saline hit my blood stream & is the reason why I keep delaying some studies I need done. I really dislike IVs, true.
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TFL :)
    • Mi Monteiro
      I like the back white ...
    • mirjam
      Oh my! What a story Cynthia! Lucky for me I have way less experience with hospitals but I can certainly relate to your fear of needles! I admire how well you can express yourself on paper and I hope you will find the courage and strenght to have those studies done because I know you need to have them done.
      Apart from all that I also love your page, love that you also scrap about the not so fun stuff because that's a part of life too and in your case quite a big part isn't it my friend! Hugs for you and your daughter!!!!
    • renee82
      Okay, so being a person who does I.V's (I'm an x-ray technologist and have to inject when we do CT scans), I can totally see why this would scare you. We are pretty calm when we do our part, but having multiple bad experiences would definetly traumatize a person. This LO is so awesome! I love that you included these photos of yourself and really enjoyed your story even though it was probably not fun for you to write. Thanks for playing along!
    • Karen
      Wow... after reading your journaling I'm so sorry that you had such a bad experience. Sounds awful... however the page that you've created to capture these memories is so AMAZING! I love the strip of photos and the colors and especially love how real everything looks, especially the blue tape holding down the "good day" element! Fabulous work here!
    • Roboliver
      OMGoodness!!!! Your blood actually squirted in her eyes. How scary for you both. I'm so sorry this happened to you. As for your layout, it ROCKS! I don't fave many pages but this is one I had to fave. It's awesome in every way, shape & form!
    • captivated visions
      Hi Cynthia popping through to let you know I love your journaling challenge page! You told the story so creatively, rocked it out!
    • AnneofAlamo
      you amaze me on so many levels. I am grateful to you, and was so excited to lift one of your pages...this one is so powerful, I made mine here
      thank you dear friend!
    • skyezak
      Oh Cynthia, you have had to endure so much in your life and I certainly wouldn't blame you for feeling this way...yikes! But what a fabulous representation of your fear, even including some blood splatter in there!
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