MOC 17 | 22. Playtime

MOC 17 | 22. Playtime
mirjam, Jan 25, 2017
heimili [date tab, holes stamp], every day of the week [orange tape], winter talk [doodled heart dangle], if only [pencil circle], a slice of lemon [dymo], friends will be friends [arrow stamp], easy peasy [wood button], mark the date [tape-recolored], all eyes on you [background texture], gratitude [backwards brad], emphasizers vol.2 [doodled arrow], bring on the weekend [doodled arrow], it's a zoo [butterfly], daily routine [dymo's play & sleep, flower], awesome sauce [white button, envelope, torn vellum journal card], spring flutter [background texture, wooden speech bubble, leaf stamp], spring flutters [background paper]
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